The business of blogging: creating trust.

It’s never been easier for businesses to reach out and connect with people. In the same breath, it’s also really difficult to cut through the “noise” of social media and advertising these days. How often do we see a small business website putting in the effort of designing an efficient website informing us of the incredible services they have on offer, complete with an impressive call to action, and links to social media, but no information demonstrating how well they do these things. Very often, when websites are designed, a page has been left titled “blog”, with the thought that it will happen later, and of course the busyness of small business takes over and it’s never quite gotten around to.

A blog can be a very valuable marketing tool, it’s an inbound marketing strategy, not outbound. It’s a place to position yourself for trust in the market. A place a customer recognises that they can go to when they seek information about your industry or product.


Here’s how a blog can benefit your marketing:

Direct traffic to your website:

A blog gives your business the opportunity to drive customers to your website, where you can inform them while also converting them into a lead via a valid call to action. Turn your outbound social media advertising inbound by sharing blog posts to social media, always linking back to your website, where they may read the full article you have posted. 

Build trust:

Essentially when you blog as an industry leader or are well versed on a particular product, your customers will get to know you as the person to turn to for the knowledge they need and will benefit from the learning that you will provide them with. When customers reads your article, comments on it and shares it around, they are already investing in you and your business. It’s a way to develop better customer relationships. 

Increase your SEO:

Blogs increase SEO. Consistent article writing is a way to beat out your competitors in the SEO game. Using fresh and up to date keywords in text, speaking in an active voice, and providing topics that are a hot topic of conversation in your market are assets to your website’s performance, ranking you higher in Google search for example.

By having a blog, you can put an actual local face to your local business. You can create content that looks like you and sounds exactly like you, attracting your perfect customers, who resonate with your messages. 

Pictured: Turn your marketing funnel into a flywheel by simply adding a blog.

Having a blog on your website does not have to overwhelm you. You can absolutely hire someone to plan and write your blog for you, there are many creatives locally who can do this. To blog consistently does not mean you have to do it everyday, you can even blog quarterly, monthly or fortnightly, in fact with some businesses I know, looking forward to their monthly blog is a treat for their readers. 

If you’d like more information on planning a blog and content for your business website so you can become a local legend, you can contact me at to discuss your requirements.

Happy Blogging! 

Eimear McNelis

Journalist - Eimear McNelis - Journalist (MEAA)

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Eimear is a Journalist , Photographer and Marketing Specialist with over 16 years of experience working in Media and for online businesses. Being a student throughout the Internet Boom in relation to PR and Marketing and the "birth" of online businesses, education and retail, as we know it today, brings a great perspective to any project she undertakes.

Specialties: Journalism, developing brand story, online and print marketing, public relations, writing for websites, guest blogging, ghost writing, digital inclusion, entrepreneurship and more....

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Thanks, I’ve started a blog but I’m now excited to create content about how I actually massage. Thankyou again for this information! Amber

Sally-Anne Watson Kane
Sally-Anne Watson Kane

Great article, thank you. I’ve been blogging for about three years (for my editing business) and it definitely does build that trust, even before the client has talked to you or met you face to face. Because when a client first comes across me, they first check out my website and extensive blog about editing, which shows that I know what I’m talking about, i.e. they can trust my expertise. Then when they contact me, I need to continue to be professional and build on that trust.

Phoebe Rae

Thank you so much for sharing this Eimear.

business world articles

I am grateful for this blog to distribute knowledge about this significant topic. Here I found different segments and now I am going to use these new instructions with new enthusiasm.