4 reasons to get the .au country code domain.

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This article is a excerpt that explains domains, why there are so many domain extensions, what they mean for Australian businesses online and the benefits of the .au direct domain. The link to the full article on LinkedIn or our website is at the bottom of the page.

  1. What is a country code top-level domain?
  2. Why get an .au domain name?
  3. Why are there so many domain extensions?
  4. What’s the verdict on .au domain name?

Australia’s country code domain .au direct launches early 2022. Known as a country code top-level domain, or a ccTLD, there are many reasons why Australian businesses should consider obtaining their .au country code domain name.

1. What is a country code top-level domain?

To start, let’s understand that Domain names in Domain Name System (DNS) are read from right to left. A fully qualified domain name (FQDN) is a domain name that specifies its exact location in the tree hierarchy of the Domain Name System (DNS).

Click to view the domain hierarchy graphic.

We, as businesses or as consumers, need to know where to start from to find the explicit location of a host using a domain name.

Although it has always been overshadowed by the generic top-level domain (gTLD – .com, .net, .gov), a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) provides a more targeted, as well as a more local, market for your website in search engine results.

A ccTLD shows that your website is directed towards a geographic region or country. For instance, .fr is for France, .uk is for the United Kingdom, .ca is for Canada and .us is for the United States. And now the newest one will be .au which is for Australia.

The .au ccTLD is part of Australia’s critical infrastructure. The .au Domain Administration Ltd (.auDA – pronounced ow-da) has been endorsed by the Commonwealth Government to ensure it is a safe, accessible and trusted Australian public asset for all internet users. auDA also represents Australia’s interests internationally and has an agreement with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN.org) – the international body covering ccTLDs.

In fact, Australia’s policy, management and oversight of their .au domain space is being used as a benchmark around the world.

2. Why get the .au domain name?

This question has several good answers to the advantages a ccTLD (.au) holds compared to a gTLD. (.com).  these include:

(a) Clarity creates customer trust and loyalty

Unlike some of the relatively unregulated vanity and top level domain spaces, auDA maintain a secure, resilient and stable .au Domain Name System (DNS). They comprehensively auspice, licence, accredit and facilitate the .au domain space and represent Australia’s domain name interests domestically and internationally.

To be eligible to hold any of the .au domains (.com.au, .net.au, .org.au, .asn.au, .id.au) , you need to prove that you have the right to do so. For example, to licence a .com.au you must have a State issued Business Number (BN), Australian Company Number (ACN) or Australian Business Number (ABN).

If you see a business using .org.au you can be pretty confident that they are a bonafide non-profit and/or charity organisation in Australia.

The .au domain space is overseen and regulated for the benefit of all Australians and to champion an open, free, secure and global internet, if you don’t meet the eligibility criteria then “No .au for you”.

Full details .au licensing eligibility is on the auDA website. 

This generates reliability, consistency and trust in the .au domain and brands that have complied to gain the use of it.

To compete globally and to open up the .au domain to more Australian interests, the new .au direct has a less stringent eligibility criteria. If you meet any of the previously mentioned requirements, you are eligible to apply for a .au domain. However, if you are an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident visa holder you can register a .au direct domain. It’s a way less complicated domain name and can reduce the barrier to entry for mumpreneurs, sole traders and freelancers who haven’t grown their business to the next stage just yet.

Due to auDA’s ethical governance and oversight of the .au domain makes it highly credible and trustworthy which gives visitors to your website confidence to purchase online and to open your emails. Supporting local business, purchasing in Australian dollars, and even displaying a recognisable address reduces the perceived risk of shopping online with overseas companies that you might not know where they are or who they are operated by.

There is credibility and accountability in the .au space – nobody wants to be phished, scammed or worse!

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