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It’s that time of year again when our calendars are full, the days seem to be slipping away, and the Christmas “deadline” is fast approaching. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, tired, and most of all, burnt out, during this period. It seems to be the way each and every year that we all try to squeeze as much work and social activities as possible into one month, while forgetting to take care of ourselves. And our businesses suffer as a result. 

It’s time to take some time out for you this holiday season, so that you can feel excited and inspired while setting yourself up for a successful 2022! Here’s our top 6 self-care tips to get you through. 


Tip 1: Exercise daily 

While exercise can be easily pushed to the bottom of the priority list when you’re busy, it’s important to set time aside to get outside, move your body, and take in some fresh air! You don’t have to train for a marathon, simply schedule in 2-3 five or ten minute blocks of movement throughout your day. 


Tip 2: Learn to say “No” 

Many entrepreneurs struggle to say “No” because they don’t want to disappoint others, or feel as though they can’t handle a full calendar. It’s important to remember that “No” is not a dirty word! In fact, turning something down can create space for the next opportunity to come along. Before you automatically say “Yes” to anything, practice pausing for a moment, or even better, let the other person know you’ll get back to them with an answer shortly. This gives you the time you need to stop and reflect, and consider if saying “Yes” to the opportunity, commitment, or task is going to truly benefit you long term, or cause you more stress. 


Tip 3: Enjoy a hobby

Most entrepreneurs will tell you that their hobby is their business! However, a hobby should be something that you can enjoy, that allows you to switch off and disconnect from work, so that you’re able to better manage your stress levels and daily business demands. If you don’t yet have a hobby, it’s time to find one – whether that be reading, drawing, building something, photography, or anything else for that matter. Remember, the skills you pick up from participating in a hobby can be transferable to your business too – so it’s a win-win! 


Tip 4: Celebrate something every day 

It’s easy to fall into the trap of working so hard that you forget to look up and appreciate just how far you’ve come. It’s time to acknowledge your daily wins, no matter how small they are, and express gratitude for what you have achieved. This will go a long way in serving you long term – both by keeping you present, and reducing the dreaded “comparison-itis”. 


Tip 5: Don’t sacrifice your routine 

If you’ve got a daily routine that helps you to be productive and creative in your business, and show up as your best self, then don’t sacrifice it in order to add that extra meeting or event into your calendar. It’s often surprising how out of place you can feel when you forgo your routine for a day. Ensure it remains a priority so that you can not only perform at your best, but reduce the stress that can come from not completing it, too. 


Tip 6: Take care of your mental health 

Entrepreneurs tend to fall into the habit of burning the candle at both ends – and this can lead to stress, burn out, anxiety, and a loss of motivation. Taking care of your mental and emotional health through regular exercise, good sleep, healthy foods, and making time for the things you love, will help you get through the busy periods. However, if you are struggling, we recommend that you seek the help of a professional. 



There you have it – our 6 self-care tips to help you through this busy holiday period! Remember, it’s important to take care of YOU because your business relies on it. Don’t be afraid to wind down and switch off over Christmas, as these small breaks will often breed creativity and great ideas that can be implemented into your business in the new year.

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Sally Anne Watson Kane

Even though the holiday period is over, your tips are very relevant to all business owners and especially business owners who are also carers/mums/dads with responsibilities other than their business. I particularly like the reminder to celebrate your successes or the good things in life – and looking after your mental health.