Does a Web Search for Accommodation in your region work?

Technology Consutlant - Colin Dixon


Do a search for Accommodation in your area and what you get is mostly not very helpful. What you should get is an up-to-date current list of all the options and there availability.  I can offer all the accommodation places in the region a direct commission free booking system.  The multinational corporate booking systems dominate and besides charging high fees they do not offer a good service.  See Dick Smith’s comments below.

An Australian Company Resonline offer Free Channels (Bookeasy & Roamfree) they have no cost (Ideal for the smallest rentals) and Room Manager with a low monthly fee depending on the number of rooms/sites.  In addition to saving a substantial amount of time, it gives easier access to customers to book with you.  (More detail below.)

I have the experience and skills to implement this in your premises,  and help you out if you have problems.  Plus I have the digital footprint at YouTube and Facebook to drive more customers to your booking system.  Contact me if you would like to know more.
I have a FREE online directory at If we all work together we can make it easier for people to stay here and increase everyone’s occupancy. I am happy to setup in any region in Gippsland, if I find someone locally to work with.

Cheers Colin Dixon, Mallacoota 0419 415000

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Colin Dixon

Technology Consutlant - Colin Dixon

I have been at this game for over 40 years now, still got it but that's just my opinion, touch base with me and decide for yourself. I restarted my web business in 2018 after a 10 year break where I focused on kiteboarding and teaching High School Science, Mathematics and IT in Western Australia. IT is so much better now, so many great tools hard to know what to use sometimes, let me mentor you, together we can do great things.

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