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Victorian Chamber Bushfire Support

Have you been impacted by the bushfires?

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is providing emergency assistance payments and other non-financial support is available to people affected by the bushfires.

All services under this support package will be provided at no cost to any business in a Victorian natural disaster declared area where emergency re-establishment assistance is offered. Services include:

  • Mental health support with access to a confidential counselling services
  • Access to our local training and business mentoring, with a focus on health, safety and wellbeing courses and business restoration
  • Access to our Workplace Relations Advice Line
  • Membership fee waiver for Victorian Chamber and VTIC members for the next 12 months (this will be automatically applied for eligible members).

To access any of the above services or ask about how the Victorian Chamber can help you please contact 03 8662 5442 or email

The Seed Scheme by the Rural Women is coming to Mirboo North

Women in Mirboo North are invited to apply for THE Seed Scheme – an innovative program to support rural women start an enterprise, launch a big idea or get a business up and running.
Supported by Regional Bank Australia THE seed Scheme is enabling the development of 700 rurally based, women-led enterprises nationwide, injecting $17.5 million or more into the rural economy and returning enormous social value to the participating Members, Partners and their communities.
Applications are now open and close on the 14 February 2020.

2020 Expression of Interest

Jaci Hicken, Jacican cooking school and Food Studio put Mirboo North Businesses forward, to take part in the Seed Scheme. “I thought, that it would be a great program to be able to share all the businesses and business opportunities we have in town. Being able to offer women-led business and entrepreneurs the opportunity to take part in national training, mentoring and support program will help all the community to build thriving lives and businesses in Mirboo North ”, Jaci said. In light of current economic circumstances caused by uncertainty and environmental factors, businesses having help to examine income diversification can only benefit the greater economy of Gippsland, Jaci remarked.
“Mirboo North is a vibrate community of 1600 people, with around 120 home-based businesses. Many run by women, women-focused businesses or women (unseen) running a family business and farms. As a community, Mirboo North has an entrepreneurial spirit”, Jaci Commented. Jaci highlighted that if The Seed Scheme receives greater than 10 applications from women in the area Mirboo North Businesses maybe be able to look at local funding options. This may allow more women from Mirboo North and the surrounding district to take part.
What is the Seed Scheme?
THE Seed Scheme is managed by THE Rural Woman and funds provided by our Partners means successful Members receive support including:
• Weekly LIVE online mentoring and training in business and technology
• Access to a dedicated POD Facilitator who will engage with the 10 women and support them to connect and develop a local support network
• A private social network connecting them to hundreds of rural women nationally
• 24/7 access to hundreds of hours of recorded trainings in marketing, sales, financial management, product development, events, social media, mindset and business

THE Rural Woman empowers connection for isolated women, enabling them to build thriving lives and businesses in their rural locations – using the power of the internet and online technology!
Launched in 2015, by Founder Rebel Black, THE Rural Woman’s head office located in the outback opal mining town of Lightning Ridge, NSW and the business has a team of 15 across Australia and Asia including some Australia’s leading advisors, mentors and coaches, administrative, tech and training consultants.
“With a scaffolded support and education approach, we expect that a percentage of our Seed SCHEME members will go onto become small businesses and a further percentage will become medium businesses which will see the economic and social impact of this scheme expand exponentially in years and decades to come.” Rebel Black, CEO and Founder of THE Rural Woman
Through training, mentoring and community support, every THE Seed Scheme Member achieves:
• Clarity in her vision and ambition, in her product/service, in her financial goal and profitability, in her marketing and sales processes,
• Confidence in herself, to take her product/service to market, in her ability to succeed
• Connection to the tools and training she needs to achieve her goals, the technology required to take her product/service to market and manage it effectively, to other micro-enterprise Founders for mutual support, advice, collaboration and encouragement, connection to Sponsor Partners and their extended network
To express your interest in The Seed Scheme in Mirboo North:

2020 Expression of Interest

Lived experienced drives Co-Learning partnership

Local business consultancy organisation In2 Project Management have joined forces with Lifeline Gippsland to help local businesses understand and take action to improve mental health and wellbeing within their organisations.

In2 Project Management’s Director of Business Outcomes Neil Betts said that their business is passionate about helping other businesses to see, understand and solve their own problems.

Using their business intelligence platform, In2 Project Management will be working with Lifeline Gippsland to conduct employee mental health surveys for local businesses.

“In 2012 I had my own issues with mental health, I was at the top of my executive career (or so I thought) when depression hit me from behind.

Twelve months later after therapy, medication and support from my family and friends, I left the corporate world. I established In2 Project Management with my friend Chris Allford, and we have never looked back. That’s why I am passionate about supporting mental health issues” said Neil.

Lifeline Gippsland CEO, Michelle Possingham said ”This exciting new partnership with In2 Project Management will enhance the support we can offer to local businesses and the broader community by enabling us to interpret data to tailor supports to the individual needs of businesses.”

Chief Executive Officer - Latrobe Valley Enterprises
Free to a willing office

Hi all,

We have a few office items that we no longer use and have a few hundred of them.  Rather than them going into landfill, wondering if anyone would like them (free).

Please contact Anne Evans on 03 5134 155

- Regional Development Victoria
New website to drive investment in Gippsland

The redeveloped Invest Gippsland website was recently officially unveiled by Maree McPherson, Chair, Gippsland Regional Partnerships at the Phillip Island Penguin Parade centre.

Regional Development Victoria’s Gippsland Investment and Trade team worked in collaboration with local government, local Regional Partnerships and Regional Development Australia to deliver the project.

Michelle Anderson, Acting Manager Investment and Trade said the new website is an example of how we’re supporting Gippsland’s growth.

“We hope to attract investment from across Australia and the globe by promoting the region’s competitive advantages and Gippsland’s liveability, cost competitiveness and beautiful natural attractions,” Michelle said.

Available in English, Chinese and Vietnamese the website showcases the many investment opportunities across Gippsland and details Invest Gippsland’s services, from helping business find the right location to set up shop, to matching investors with key contacts.

Check out the redeveloped Invest Gippsland website

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Become a mentor!


The Small Business Mentoring Service are currently seeking Mentors in Gippsland.

This exciting opportunity to join the Small Business Mentoring Service (SBMS) is a chance to support the Gippsland business community.

SBMS Mentors are typically people who’ve run successful small or large businesses and who are familiar with up-to-date business practices. Not everyone has got what it takes to be a good Mentor, but if you think you have what it takes, read on.

Why become a Mentor?

SBMS mentors participate for a variety of reasons, including getting involved with the businesses community and enriching their own professional experience:

  • develop and hone your professional mentoring and communication skills
  • feel good about volunteering to share your experiences and insights
  • help fellow Gippsland businesses thrive
  • stay connected with the latest industry demands and trends

What type of person are we looking for?

We seek Mentors who have a passion for sharing their knowledge, making a difference, offering guidance, giving confidence and motivating people. Mentors need a broad business experience with a range of skills and disciplines that enable them to confidently Mentor across this wide spectrum.

Want to get involved? Apply here

No entries match your request.

Seeking EAP service provider

Expressions of interest are invited for the services of an EAP  provider (Employee Assistance Program) to assist employees with personal problems and/or work-related problems that may impact their job performance, health, mental and emotional well-being. Please email for further details.


Senior Economic Development Officer - Wellington Shire Council
EmpowHer East Gippsland Women in Business

Have you noticed it yet?
There must be something in the water in East Gippsland, because there is an amazing number of women running their own businesses and in leadership roles who are conducting themselves with passion, determination AND a generous spirit.

Think for a sec; who do you already know like this? I bet it’s more than just a few women. Maybe you’re one of them… or maybe you have a deeply held desire to be one too. Maybe it’s women like this that you want to spend more time around…

Women who you just know are deeply passionate about what they do, genuinely care about who they serve and the results they get.

Women who are operating outside their comfort zone, asking themselves difficult questions, digging deep, being honest and growing through the discomfort – because they know that’s where success happens.

Women who are trying new things, taking challenges on the chin, learning, pivoting, getting back up and trying again.

Women who don’t sit back and rest when their goals are reached but who set new goals and climb new mountains.

Women who share ideas and resources with others without fear of competition, and choose an abundance mindset over scarcity.

Women who are generous in sharing lessons from their own hard-earned experiences, and want to help you take a short cut to avoid the mistakes they made.

Is this you? Or is this someone you want to be? Awesome. Because no matter where you’re at in your business and entrepreneurial journey, the EmpowHer Network has been created especially for you.

In 2020 we’re bringing East Gippsland women together – because you don’t have to walk your business journey alone.

📌 We want to encourage and inspire you to push past fear and go for your biggest, juiciest life goals and we’re bringing you 4 outstanding speakers to give you the knowledge & tools to have your best year yet. We’ll be tackling the topics of SELF, SECURITY, SPEAK & SALES. We’ll spend half a day each quarter together learning and uplifting each other.

📌 In between events you’ll be connected together in an exclusive closed online group where you can share ideas, ask questions and get help from others who will sing your praises and cheer for your success. Women who have walked the path before you, who are at the same point as you, or women who you can support and mentor with your own experiences.

📌 We’ll share details of the 1st event soon. But if you think this is for you, make sure you like this Facebook page. TAG all the East Gippsland women in business you know too, so they don’t miss out. SHARE this post so we can reach everyone who needs to access this resource.

📌 And we’ll introduce you to the Leadership Team behind EmpowHer soon, so keep an eye out.

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Launching Startup Gippsland Alumni Stories!

Startup Gippsland is excited to announce that we now have dozens of alumni stories up on our website! Check out a few snippets below:

“I have found the support and guidance provided crucial to my being in a position to launch my startup within the space of only 12 weeks. The support that continues to be forthcoming both by GippsTech but also the broader group of alumni is also one of the critical outcomes that will see continued success of the innovation ecosystem in Gippsland.” said Angelo Saridis, Founder of Urban Farmland, an online marketplace connecting landholders with food growing initiatives.

“I had a bunch of various skills but didn’t see a way to integrate them. The training brought clarity to that process.” said Annebelle van Tongeren from Fern & Frost who was the winner of the Most Improved Entrepreneur Prize. 

Read more Urban Farmland, Fern & Frost or our other alumni here.

You too can run a successful global startup from Gippsland! If you’re interested in the program, contact us via website form here, or subscribe to the Startup Gippsland Program News.