Dawson Tree Services

We are not trying to become Melbourne’s biggest tree service company.

Our goal is more to give our best service and advice to our clients, large and small and see our customer base grow as a result of good practice, sound advice and friendly, safe and efficient service.

We have fully qualified arborists and some trainee arborists and others in our team. This enables almost all queries that you may have to be answered and almost all tree and shrub all to be completed professionally.

We have two main “Mottos” at Dawson’s – “SAFETY FIRST ” – This means we care about our staff and the safety of people and their property.

Secondly: “No Fuss, No Mess, No Stress.”

We like to think that we do our work in a “No Fuss” tradesman like way, we aren’t perfect of course but we like to leave a property in as good a shape (tidying up) or better than when we arrived = “No Mess”.

“No Stress” – means that whether you are staying to watch us work or have gone out for the day while we work at your place, we want you to relax and enjoy the process.

Visit our more information: https://www.dawsontreeservices.com.au/.

Sens Security Services Pty Ltd

One-Stop Security Solutions for Your Home or Business in Melbourne

Protection is essential. Proper security ensures that crimes are kept at bay and your valuables are always intact. At specific locations, security also means crowd management. Finding the right mix of security personnel who can ensure maximum safety is necessary for every commercial and residential establishment.

If you are looking for security services in Melbourne, Sens Security Services is the one-stop-shop. Our trained, experienced and qualified staff provides the best security solutions. We cover everything from shopping centres, retail stores, corporate offices, events, distribution centres to construction sites, pubs, private homes. Our services include crowd control, retail loss prevention and security guards.

Additionally, we realise that hiring any security service involves a considerable level of trust. Therefore, we never compromise on our three core values: Honesty, Integrity and Respect. Our management team consists of diverse individuals who have years of experience in the security, finance, and management industries. We provide our high-quality services at the most competitive prices.

To find out more and hire our services, enquire at https://www.senssecurityservices.com.au/ or fill the contact form for a callback.

It was getting hot in this Toyota Camry
It was getting hot in this Toyota Camry. The air conditioning was not working.
The owner came and saw us and after we did some checks we found it had no aircon gas. 💡Our qualified technicians then did another test and found that the ac evaporator was leaking.
🔧 Check out pics below of the leak.
This customer can now enjoy the cool air in their car because they chose us to service their air conditioner.
This VE Calais came in to inspect an oil leak.
When Rhys went in to repair the oil leaks he noticed excessive wear to the rocker trunions which had caused the rockers to float damaging the valves 😯.
If this had not been noticed, it could have resulted in a catastrophic failure to the engine 💥.
After pulling it down and finding metal in the bearings we consulted with our customer and then performed a rebuild on this engine 💪.
If you want someone with the experience and knowledge to pick up problems before they can cause a major failure in your vehicle call us on 03 5126 1999 or book online at www.eastwestautos.repcoservice.net.
Cashflow & Profit
I’m taking on the challenge to do another book focusing on growing business cashflow & profit.
I need to include a few additional case studies prior to 13/10. The process is a discussion over zoom including a few questions about your business to help identify at least $50,000 profit available in your business right now.
The interview will only take about an hour of your time. I’ll send you a detailed report of our findings and the strategies that work best for you.
It is not a sales call.
If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, you’re available for and hour sometime between now and the 13th and you’re happy for me to use the results as a case study (either named or anonymous) – please go here to schedule an appointment https://calendly.com/profitimprover/pas12 or email phil@profitimprover.com.au
At East West Auto’s we don’t just slap some brake pads in and send you on your way.
Here’s a few extras we do and why and all of this is INCLUDED in your brake service giving you EXTRA VALUE at the SAME PRICE!
🔧 Sandblast and paint hubs preventing any extra rust
🔧 Machine rotors / drums when replacing the pads/shoes for more even wear and smoother breaking
🔧 Unseize and lubricate slides for even brake pad wear and reduces drag
If you’re mechanic isn’t doing everything they can to keep you safe AND help you get more wear out of your brakes call us on 03 5126 1999 or book online www.eastwestautos.repcoservice.net
Father’s Day
We’ve got some great gifts for Dad:-
🔧 PCL Airforce II Tyre Inflator $65
🔧 Wheels & Tyres
🔧 Hoodies $59.99
size M – 4XL
🔧 Gift Vouchers – no minimum, valid for 3 years
Afterpay and Openpay available.
This Mercedes Benz came to us for the first time with a driveline issue.
After our diagnosis, we found a fault in the transfer case.
🔧 We rebuilt the transfer case all in house.
As Mercedes say “The Best or Nothing” so give us a call on 03 5126 1999 or book online www.eastwestautos.repcoservice.net
Ever gotten a bad batch of fuel?
This Toyota Hilux came to us with fuel gauge not working and fuel filter light on ⛽️
We found a mixture of petrol, diesel and algae in the fuel system 🤮. The contaminated diesel created vapours in the tank causing the tank to deform and put pressure on the fuel sender unit and breaking the sender wire. Luckily for the customer this vehicle had a pre filter which saved the engine.
🔧 We flushed the system, replaced the fuel filter and pre filter and fixed the sender wire making this vehicle fit for the road again.
Not sure what to do if you ever get a bad batch of fuel? Call us on 03 5126 1999.