Another Happy Happy Customer!

Website Design.

Bloom recently created a stunning website for a lovely customer in East Gippsland. We loved creating the sleek look website for Sarah from Hair by Sarah Monroe. The site is easy to user friendly, easy to navigate and stunning to look at. Sarah creates some of the most amazing hair and beauty looks and we were so excited to showcase these for her.

If you are looking for a website design for your business or a revamp of your current design then we can help!

For $100 off website designs (minimum spend $500) and $50.00 off revamps or desgins under $500.00 contact us at and let us know you saw this post!

We love creating professional, user friendly and beautiful websites.


Bobbie | Online Business Consultant

Can you help us?

The perfect farm for BACKinTRACKtion to base itself at, has come up for sale. The original owner’s vision matches to a tee, our vision… to bring community together and to make a difference through nature.

BACKinTRACKtion has a burning desire to bring Henry’s Creek Sanctuary back to life. Gordon and Joan Henry saw something unique and invaluable on their property and set it up accordingly… with 45 acres of original forest preserved with a Trust for Nature Covenant. Since the property was sold 10 years ago, it’s “treasures” have been let go to overgrowth.

Through our youth workers team and the young people who come to our program, we will work alongside members of the community and other like-minded organisations, to clear and rebuild the walking track, reconstruct the swing bridge onto the island, restore the birdhide on the island, clean the animal rescue shelter area and acquire knowledge for our young people to share with visiting groups. This knowledge could be gathered through opening the doors to past visitors like the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne University, scientists, photography groups, bird watchers, and the list may just be endless!!!

We need someone with a passion for what we see and is financially able, to purchase this property for BACKinTRACKtion. We are open to creating a way together in which we can give back such an abundant gift.

Business Recovery Advisory Service for East Gippsland Shire & Wellington Shire

The Business Recovery Advisory Service is actively working with businesses in the East Gippsland Shire & the Wellington Shire to ensure they are using available government resources to recover from the past 13 months of very difficult business trading conditions. This service is working closely with Council Officers and many of the BTA’s in the region.

The Business Recovery program offers free assistance with

  • Initial meeting: The initial triage/concierge will facilitate the Business Recovery Advisory Support Services and provision of rapid response in assessing the impact of 2019-21 negative business conditions, complexity of trauma and provide immediate support, advice and relief to minimise risk or loss.
  • Business Recovery Planning: The Business Recovery Adviser will facilitate and deliver relief packages and develop a plan to restore business operations with corrective actions and strategies to reduce impact and risk.
  • Business Resilience: Business Resilience Mentors will provide ongoing business mentoring to local community members owning and operating local businesses. We will develop a plan that strengthens and grows business generally with emphasis on prevention, risk mitigation, resilience, and future emergency management.

Many businesses that have worked with us and are now more resilient and focused on the many things that they are good at.

The Business Recovery Advisory Service is a proud initiative of Small Business Victoria Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions.

You can contact our local representative and Business Recovery Advisor, Tom Ponting by email  with your contact details and he will call to arrange a time to visit you.


Please feel free to fill out the registration form on our web page by making a booking online at the following URL.

We are here to help.

Why your brand isn’t your logo (and other rants)…

Expanding on the idea that “everything communicates” I recently had the pleasure of talking about why your brand isn’t your logo (and other rants) this week for Latrobe City Council as the second speaker in their Let’s Talk Business webinar series

I’ve since received some very positive feedback so wanted to share further to the Gippsland business community – hopefully this is helpful to some.

Thanks to Shannan Little and the Eco Dev team at Latrobe City Council for the invite to speak, and also to the 40 or so local business legends who dialled in to listen! It’s a great series with lots of wisdom being shared by some fantastic local speakers, so get behind it and

Anyone eager to talk more, feel free to reach out, or check us out at


$5,000 Grants for Local Business Owners

An international business magazine which Profit Improvers is associated has made it possible for me to provide some educational business and marketing services to 10 local businesses, free of charge.

Small Business Breakthroughs Magazine’s ( ) primary mission is to provide training, resources and support to small business owners making less than $2 million in annual revenue. Due to the current economic crisis, we’re offering ten grants up to $5,000 for small businesses in the Gippsland area. These grants are offered to help small business owners obtain specific strategies they can use to quickly recover revenues lost during the Coronavirus shutdown.


  1. 2019 revenues between $50,000 up to $2 million
  2. Experiencing a decline of at least 10% in monthly revenue

 Requirements: Email associate contributor Phil East at and include your contact information including your phone number, email address, and website URL.

There are no fees required to apply for this grant and no repayment is required.

If you would like more information about this grant program by Small Business Breakthroughs magazine, please call Phil East at 0434 769 950 or email


Your Business Opportunity

The numbers may seem out of this world.
Estimated global gdp pre covid-19 USD$88Trillion
Estimated global gdp 2000 USD$34Trillion
Predicted worst case 25% drop in gdp equates to a USD$66T economy…. almost twice that of the new millenium’s.

We will recover.

Take a different perspective.
How much of the $22Trillion will you be pocketing?
What is your next step? Make sure you take a step. Don’t freeze. Be ambitious. Don’t play not to lose. Play To Win.
It’s all about your mindset.
Discipline & Focus.
Your next 90 days is a sprint. It starts now and is critical to your survival and your ultimate success.

You Can Do It.

If you need something let me know. I may be able to help or know of someone who can.

Selling Gippsland wine to Australia

On a positive note, Destination Gippsland have secured a billboard in Melbourne to promote our wineries (and distilleries and breweries) with online shops.

The call to action is via

We are running a small Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign to support it with online search, hoping to drive some sales to our wineries/brewers and distilleries right now.