FREE Business Recovery and Resilience Mentoring Program for Small Business

We are pleased to announce that Carmel Riley Consulting has been selected by the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) as a Gippsland supplier to deliver the FREE business recovery and resilience mentoring program. We have already guided several businesses through this valuable program.  We encourage you to apply via the VCCI website and let us help your business. Please click on the link below.

At Carmel Riley Consulting our trading mission is to deliver high quality strategic and tactical advice to support socially minded small businesses, entrepreneurs, government, and non-profits to achieve mission-oriented, profitable solutions. We have been certified by Social Traders as a Social Enterprise. We are based in Gippsland and are passionate about helping Gippsland grow.  Find us on Facebook, LinkedIn or visit our website.


Become a mentor!


The Small Business Mentoring Service are currently seeking Mentors in Gippsland.

This exciting opportunity to join the Small Business Mentoring Service (SBMS) is a chance to support the Gippsland business community.

SBMS Mentors are typically people who’ve run successful small or large businesses and who are familiar with up-to-date business practices. Not everyone has got what it takes to be a good Mentor, but if you think you have what it takes, read on.

Why become a Mentor?

SBMS mentors participate for a variety of reasons, including getting involved with the businesses community and enriching their own professional experience:

  • develop and hone your professional mentoring and communication skills
  • feel good about volunteering to share your experiences and insights
  • help fellow Gippsland businesses thrive
  • stay connected with the latest industry demands and trends

What type of person are we looking for?

We seek Mentors who have a passion for sharing their knowledge, making a difference, offering guidance, giving confidence and motivating people. Mentors need a broad business experience with a range of skills and disciplines that enable them to confidently Mentor across this wide spectrum.

Want to get involved? Apply here


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