Tourism, Marketing and Events Officer - Destination Gippsland
Selling Gippsland wine to Australia

On a positive note, Destination Gippsland have secured a billboard in Melbourne to promote our wineries (and distilleries and breweries) with online shops.

The call to action is via

We are running a small Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign to support it with online search, hoping to drive some sales to our wineries/brewers and distilleries right now.

Software Development Consultant - GippsTech
How to switch to remote work

🆕🔛GippsTech has Switched To Remote Work – We Can Help Your Business Do The Same

In light of the current circumstances regarding #COVID-19, the team at GippsTech have switched to remote work to assist in reducing the spread of the virus.

We understand that this is a difficult time for many businesses across Gippsland, and we at GippsTech want to do whatever we can to help and support you through this challenge.

Some of you may be wondering how you can run your business remotely 📞⌨️, especially one that is a traditional “bricks and mortar” business. However, with some creative ideas and online tools to help make things easier, this may be possible for more types of businesses than you think.

Whilst this can be a challenging and uncertain time for us all, it is also a time that we can use to digitise our business, and to improve the effectiveness of our team collaboration tools and solutions. In times like these, innovation, creativity, collaboration and some good humour will make all the difference.

🔰For information on how we can help your business transition to remote working, read the full article here: ⤵️

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Head of Business Engagement - Localised
Annual Gippsland Innovation Survey

The LVA are conducting the inaugural annual Gippsland Innovation survey. The survey has been designed to better understand and support innovation activities in Gippsland.

The survey measures the level of innovation within businesses and provide insight on methods to better support and promote innovation across Gippsland businesses and stimulate socio-economic growth in the region. Upon completion of the survey, we will analyse the results and provide insights on key trends and issues within the region. Each business that participates in the survey will also have the option to receive a copy of a benchmark report detailing the results of the survey.

The survey is expected to take 15 minutes to complete and will be live from Monday 18 November until Friday 29 November.

Marketing Coordinator | Digital Content Producer - GippsTech
Free online resources that can help you in your startup journey!

You can find anything from short and snappy business plan templates to best practice pitching examples. Finding these resources can be a bit overwhelming, so we’ve pulled together some of our favourites for you:

plus many more…


Head of Business Engagement - Localised
Coming to Gippsland! The Modern Techniques of Sales & Negotiation

Sales training is often overlooked, yet it is the driving force to grow your business.

In2 Project Management, our corporate partner in Gippsland, are hosting an exclusive opportunity for Gippslandians to learn the art of sales, negotiation, pitching, language and framing with ISR Training Co-Founder & Shark Tank success story, Jack Corbett.

If you’re Gippsland based, this event is serious value for money that will help your business, so get along!


Date: Tuesday 26 November 2019

Time: 7.45am-1.00pm

Venue: Traralgon Vineyard


Innovation and entrepreneurship specialist - Startup Gippsland
MEET THE JUDGES – Startup Gippsland’s Pitch Showcase this Sat!


After the pitches, stay to mingle with likeminded entrepreneurs, mentors, startup experts, business leaders and government representatives from across the region.

It’s a night not to be missed!



Startup Gippsland is a project by the Bass Coast Shire CouncilBaw Baw Shire Council, Latrobe City Council and Wellington Shire Council, funded by LaunchVic and delivered by GippsTech.

Let us help you with your business - Work My Own Way
Introducing WorkMyOwnWay Program Ambassadors: Kerryn Vaughan -Girls With Hammers

Kerryn Vaughan & Nicky Williams – Girls With Hammers Sale, VIC

Kerryn is a powerhouse when it comes to supporting women. She started Girls with Hammers in 2018 with the aim of helping women realise their own power and strength through mentoring, workshops and books.

Come and hear Kerryn speak about her experience at this Friday 7 June 2019 event  (6:00 pm  8:30 pm) at Century Inn in Traralgon.


Let us help you with your business - Work My Own Way
Introducing Work My Own Way Program Ambassador: Julie Grant – Kenney’s Flowers
Watch our 2nd Work My Own Way Program Ambassador – Julie Grant’s video story 

Julie Grant – Kenney’s Flowers Warragul, VIC

Julie has always loved flowers and what they represent and had the opportunity 10 years ago to turn her passion into a business. She’s become a one-stop-shop handling all aspects of the business including accounts, customer service, inventory, social media, and recent digital transformation into online sales.

Come and hear from Julie this Friday 7 June 2019 event  (6:00 pm  8:30 pm) at Century Inn in Traralgon.


Let us help you with your business - Work My Own Way
Introducing Work My Own Way Program Ambassador: Shaun Little – The Window Guy

Watch Work My Own Way Program Ambassador Shaun Little’s story on what pushed him to start his own business:

Shaun Little – The Window Guy

Shaun wanted a job that was not only flexible, but that helped him develop key social skills that he felt he needed to succeed in business. He’s been self employed for over 15 years and become expert at how to self motivate and achieve goals, no matter how ambitious they might seem.

Come and hear Shaun speak about his experience at this Friday7 June 2019 event  (6:00 pm  8:30 pm) at Century Inn in Traralgon.