Traralgon startup Dystech raises $290K for their AI reading assessment platform

Dyslexia assessments can end up being very expensive and time-consuming. It’s estimated that up to 20% of Australians have some degree of dyslexia. While it may not always be considered a severe condition, this reading difficulty can certainly have a detrimental impact on people’s lives. Dystech is an Australian startup responsible for developing a screening technology for the early detection of learning differences, such as dyslexia.

Dyscover is an all-in-one literacy measurement platform that accurately analyses 6 critical aspects of reading. The platform combines 2-hours of paper-based assessments into 10 minutes, making it easy for schools and literacy professionals to perform reading assessments.

The startup has successfully raised $290K to develop the platform further and make it available to schools and allied health professionals worldwide. The use of AI facilitates more accurate dyslexia and ongoing reading assessments.

“We have several goals, but our sole mission is to help people with learning differences identify their talents through the power of artificial intelligence. We aim to empower educators and literacy professionals with efficient and accessible assessment tools” says Hugo Richard, CEO of Dystech.

“Right now, we have literacy professionals with over 400 children on their waiting list. By reducing the 2 hours spent on reading assessment to 10-minutes, we are empowering them to support even more struggling students.” – Hugo Richard.

Additionally, Dyscover’s norm is based on thousands of data points collected from over 2,500 individuals. Schools, government agencies, and allied health professionals worldwide can use the tool to support their students.

Dystech’s team of experts view learning differences  as an “alternate way of thinking.” Students with learning differences can find new ways to hone their strengths and surpass their expectations using Dystech’s platform. The evidence-based platform comes with several advanced features.

Dystech plans to channel its funds to improving the evidence-based platform and making dyslexia and reading assessment more accessible to educators and literacy professionals across the globe.

The Alice Anderson Fund – for women-led startups

LaunchVic’s new fund – the Alice Anderson Fund, is designed to support women-led startups.

The Alice Anderson Fund is a $10 million angel sidecar fund that co-invests in women-led startups with private sector investors. 

The fund is open to local and international investors, angel networks, early-stage VCs and Family Offices with women-led startups in their pipeline. LaunchVic will co-invest between $50,000-$300,000 to be matched 3:1 by the investor. 

Named in honour of one of Victoria’s great women entrepreneurs, the Alice Anderson Fund will support up to 60 women-led startups over the next three years and unlock up to $40 million in early-stage capital.

Investors can apply here

Startup Gippsland’s Scale Up Accelerator program – Applications are now open!

Do you have ambitions to grow your business in and beyond Gippsland?

Every startup requires expert knowledge and support to reach their potential, particularly if their sights are set on growing into regional, national and international markets.

The Scale Up Accelerator program is the pathway to help you grow and scale your business! If you are a founder/s of an established startup, working full time in your business and turning over a profit, and you’re ready to take things to the next level, then this program is for you.

The Scale Up Accelerator program is run by locals, for locals, along with facilitation from a team of highly experienced industry and scale up experts. Over 6 days, we will cover a wide range of scaling fundamentals, from financial frameworks and business models, to risk management and marketing, to distribution and exporting, and much more!

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Join The Startup Gippsland Tech Startup Skills Program

Every startup relies on a digital presence to succeed, whether it be a simple website or a sophisticated software platform.

The Tech Startup Skills Program is for you if you’re a founder or team with a great idea, and you want to enhance your knowledge and incorporate digital and technology platforms to make your business a reality!

The program will cover a wide range of business fundamentals that will help you to develop your idea, and build confidence in your capabilities as a startup founder.

  • The program is open to 20 founders, starting on April 16th.
  • All program participants will take part in 6 weekend workshops across the 6 Gippsland shires.
  • There is no prior technical knowledge required – just a willingness to learn!
  • At the completion of the program, participants will have a working product ready to present at the Pitch Final on August 20th

For more information and to apply visit:

Amazon invites regional Dyslexia startup Dystech to Singapore

Regional start-up Dystech was recently invited to attend a special three-day educational event held at Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Singapore. Currently creating an assessment app for Dyslexia, Dystech was one of only five Australian startups to be invited. Co-Founders Hugo Richard and Jim Radford were given the opportunity to access free training and workshops, pitch to investors, receive mentoring and be presented with valuable global networking opportunities within the education sector in the Asia Pacific Region.

Dystech is creating the world’s first assessment app for dyslexia using artificial intelligence.  They are a team of passionate academics and entrepreneurs united by this one shared goal, envisioning a future where this dyslexia assessment is available to children all around the world. Visit for more information.

Introducing Work My Own Way

Work My Own Way – fully funded program open to all Gippslanders

Work My Own Way is an Australian government initiative to support Gippslanders to become self-employed. Whether you want to become a freelancer, consultantsmall business owner or a startup founder, we’re here to give you the confidence and skills to get your business off the ground.

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Startup Gippsland: Weekly Masterclass Snapshots

Over the last 2 weeks, our 46 startups have learned about how to quickly and cheaply test ideas. By getting early feedback from customers, they’ll be able to adapt their idea to better suit their needs and give their business greater chances of success.

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