Traralgon startup Dystech raises $290K for their AI reading assessment platform

Co-founder CEO - Dystech

Dyslexia assessments can end up being very expensive and time-consuming. It’s estimated that up to 20% of Australians have some degree of dyslexia. While it may not always be considered a severe condition, this reading difficulty can certainly have a detrimental impact on people’s lives. Dystech is an Australian startup responsible for developing a screening technology for the early detection of learning differences, such as dyslexia.

Dyscover is an all-in-one literacy measurement platform that accurately analyses 6 critical aspects of reading. The platform combines 2-hours of paper-based assessments into 10 minutes, making it easy for schools and literacy professionals to perform reading assessments.

The startup has successfully raised $290K to develop the platform further and make it available to schools and allied health professionals worldwide. The use of AI facilitates more accurate dyslexia and ongoing reading assessments.

“We have several goals, but our sole mission is to help people with learning differences identify their talents through the power of artificial intelligence. We aim to empower educators and literacy professionals with efficient and accessible assessment tools” says Hugo Richard, CEO of Dystech.

“Right now, we have literacy professionals with over 400 children on their waiting list. By reducing the 2 hours spent on reading assessment to 10-minutes, we are empowering them to support even more struggling students.” – Hugo Richard.

Additionally, Dyscover’s norm is based on thousands of data points collected from over 2,500 individuals. Schools, government agencies, and allied health professionals worldwide can use the tool to support their students.

Dystech’s team of experts view learning differences  as an “alternate way of thinking.” Students with learning differences can find new ways to hone their strengths and surpass their expectations using Dystech’s platform. The evidence-based platform comes with several advanced features.

Dystech plans to channel its funds to improving the evidence-based platform and making dyslexia and reading assessment more accessible to educators and literacy professionals across the globe.

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