Amazon invites regional Dyslexia startup Dystech to Singapore

Co-founder CEO - Dystech

Regional start-up Dystech was recently invited to attend a special three-day educational event held at Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Singapore. Currently creating an assessment app for Dyslexia, Dystech was one of only five Australian startups to be invited. Co-Founders Hugo Richard and Jim Radford were given the opportunity to access free training and workshops, pitch to investors, receive mentoring and be presented with valuable global networking opportunities within the education sector in the Asia Pacific Region.

Dystech is creating the world’s first assessment app for dyslexia using artificial intelligence.  They are a team of passionate academics and entrepreneurs united by this one shared goal, envisioning a future where this dyslexia assessment is available to children all around the world. Visit for more information.

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Sally-Anne Kane
1 year ago

Fantastic! Because dyslexia is so often not diagnosed until people are older (if at all), it is just great that you are developing this app. I have a strong interest in dyslexia and advocating for people with dyslexia, due to my experiences (as an editor, within my editing business) working with dyslexic people; which prompted me to look into dyslexic fonts/dyslexic-friendly fonts and styles of presenting publications. I’ve been writing an article about this (not yet published but I hope to finish it soon). Good luck with the app and your business. PS if you have a mailing list please add me on; e.g. there was a dyslexia conference in Gippsland a couple of months ago (which I bet you were involved in) that I could not attend, but I would love to attend one in future.