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Learn Essential Innovation Techniques from GippsTech

We don’t have to tell you how hard it is out there for the Gippsland business community. What we do know is that, right now, businesses can’t afford to become complacent or conservative to the point of inaction.

GippsTech is partnering with Committee For Gippsland to deliver Business Resilience Skills Sessions. These two workshops are designed to give business owners and leaders hands-on experience with proven techniques used by the world’s largest companies to confront challenges, identify opportunities, and make informed decisions quickly.

Across these two sessions, you’ll learn how to define the challenges and opportunities around your business, generate and prioritise a range of possible actions, then test initiatives on a small scale to validate your assumptions and choose solutions for wide-scale implementation.

If you’ve ever wondered how the most successful and innovative businesses generate and identify winning ideas for new products, services, or business improvements, and manage to survive and grow even in difficult times, you can’t miss these sessions. It’s not chance, luck, or a genius CEO — it’s a set of processes and frameworks that you can learn and put into place within your business.

These workshops will consist of two sessions:

Session 1: Discovery and Ideation

Discovery sprints generate actionable information and a concrete plan to define your next steps. An introduction to methods of ideation will then teach you how to get past aimless and unfocused brainstorming sessions to generate relevant and achievable ideas to address these challenges and opportunities.

Session 2: Prototyping and Testing

You will learn how to prototype solutions that can be implemented quickly and with minimal investment of time or resources on a small scale. Prototypes allow you to test multiple ideas at once or in quick succession to see which ones best meet your needs and address your challenges.

Follow-up Resources & Coaching

After these sessions, we’ll provide all participants with a whole set of additional resources, including activity templates, recordings of the sessions to review or share with your team, and links to additional information to help you master these techniques and introduce them into your businesses.

We will also provide a follow-up coaching session to every participating business to give you tailored advice on how to put these techniques into practice within your organisation.

We’re pleased to be working in conjunction with Committee for Gippsland to provide these sessions. These workshops – valued at over $500 – are free of charge for Committee For Gippsland members, and $50 for non-members. 

Binary Shift – Q and A with Elena Kelareva

Are you a regional business owner or leader looking for inspiration and ideas for how you can adapt your own business in order to survive challenging times and prepare for the future?

Binary Shift 2020 is a virtual event bringing together regional innovators, thought leaders, and business leaders. This year’s Binary Shift conference is centred around offering a set of practical, actionable approaches to confronting the challenges we’re living through. If you need to kick start your business into the future, you have to be at Binary Shift.

GippsTech’s own Dr. Elena Kelareva is at the forefront of Gippsland’s regional development and innovation. She firmly believes in connecting communities and businesses to world class information and technology, something which was previously only found in cities. 

We sat down with her to learn more about the Binary Shift Conference. 

What are some of the key things the conference serves to achieve?

One of the biggest challenges we seek to break through is centred around the myths of innovation and its meaning. Many business owners are thought to believe that innovation is some kind of magic pill, or that it should only be thought about when you have the time. However, innovation encompasses a host of real world, practical skills which can be learned by anyone. 


Learn more by reading the interview here:




Software Development Consultant - GippsTech
GippsTech Ceo, Elena Kelareva appears on The Perfect Pitch Podcast

Our very own Elena Kelareva sat down with Brandon Burns from The Perfect Pitch Podcast late last week to discuss business innovation and startups in response to COVID-19. Elena shares her valuable insights and advice from her multitude of tech experience through working at Google and creating her own business, the one we all know and love, GippsTech.

Tune in to hear Elena’s unique and inspiring perspective on businesses, digital innovation, and startups.

Software Development Consultant - GippsTech
Setting up online ordering for your restaurant or cafe

GippsTech are now offering quick and cost effective online sales solutions for restaurants, cafes, pubs, and bars.

Get online and start selling for takeaway and delivery – websites built in 48 hours. For $2,999.00, spread across six months, we’ll build you your own website with online ordering functionality.

No apps, no third-party platforms, no commissions — take control of your own online ordering and delivery. The site is yours to keep. You get to own your online platform, for less than what you’d pay Menulog or UberEats in commissions.

Already have a website? Contact us and we can get you a quote to add online sales to your existing site. Websites will be developed on a first-come-first-served basis, so if you want your website up and running as quickly as possible, contact us and place your order today!

See our blog for full details:

Let us help you with your business - Work My Own Way
Business Support in Uncertain Times

What is happening right now in Australia is challenging for individuals and families. We know that on top of this, many of our community members are also facing challenges with their work and their businesses.

At Work My Own Way, we want to make sure that we’re delivering a program of support that helps you with your most immediate and pressing needs. Because of this, we’ll be making some changes to the program to support our community in adapting their businesses for the current climate. These changes will include:

  • Increasing the number of digital marketing office hours available
  • Holding all workshops as webinars to comply with social distancing & increase accessibility
  • Substituting our face-to-face mentoring and meetup events for additional webinars
  • Reorienting all of our webinar topics to help you with COVID-19-specific challenges.

We will be sharing all of these webinars with you in the coming weeks however, you can expect to see topics around getting your business online, managing cashflow and resilient leadership.

Our wonderful program partners, Pursuit Advisers, are also doing everything they can to support the business community. Pursuit Advisers have released a number of helpful resources including a summary of the COVID-19 Stimulus Packages as well as a comprehensive list of things you can do as a business owner to prepare for the impact of COVID-19.

If there is any additional support that you need, please let us know at

Launching Startup Gippsland Alumni Stories!

Startup Gippsland is excited to announce that we now have dozens of alumni stories up on our website! Check out a few snippets below:

“I have found the support and guidance provided crucial to my being in a position to launch my startup within the space of only 12 weeks. The support that continues to be forthcoming both by GippsTech but also the broader group of alumni is also one of the critical outcomes that will see continued success of the innovation ecosystem in Gippsland.” said Angelo Saridis, Founder of Urban Farmland, an online marketplace connecting landholders with food growing initiatives.

“I had a bunch of various skills but didn’t see a way to integrate them. The training brought clarity to that process.” said Annebelle van Tongeren from Fern & Frost who was the winner of the Most Improved Entrepreneur Prize. 

Read more Urban Farmland, Fern & Frost or our other alumni here.

You too can run a successful global startup from Gippsland! If you’re interested in the program, contact us via website form here, or subscribe to the Startup Gippsland Program News.

Head of Business Engagement - Localised
Annual Gippsland Innovation Survey

The LVA are conducting the inaugural annual Gippsland Innovation survey. The survey has been designed to better understand and support innovation activities in Gippsland.

The survey measures the level of innovation within businesses and provide insight on methods to better support and promote innovation across Gippsland businesses and stimulate socio-economic growth in the region. Upon completion of the survey, we will analyse the results and provide insights on key trends and issues within the region. Each business that participates in the survey will also have the option to receive a copy of a benchmark report detailing the results of the survey.

The survey is expected to take 15 minutes to complete and will be live from Monday 18 November until Friday 29 November.