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Founder/Facilitator - BACKinTRACKtion

The perfect farm for BACKinTRACKtion to base itself at, has come up for sale. The original owner’s vision matches to a tee, our vision… to bring community together and to make a difference through nature.

BACKinTRACKtion has a burning desire to bring Henry’s Creek Sanctuary back to life. Gordon and Joan Henry saw something unique and invaluable on their property and set it up accordingly… with 45 acres of original forest preserved with a Trust for Nature Covenant. Since the property was sold 10 years ago, it’s “treasures” have been let go to overgrowth.

Through our youth workers team and the young people who come to our program, we will work alongside members of the community and other like-minded organisations, to clear and rebuild the walking track, reconstruct the swing bridge onto the island, restore the birdhide on the island, clean the animal rescue shelter area and acquire knowledge for our young people to share with visiting groups. This knowledge could be gathered through opening the doors to past visitors like the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne University, scientists, photography groups, bird watchers, and the list may just be endless!!!

We need someone with a passion for what we see and is financially able, to purchase this property for BACKinTRACKtion. We are open to creating a way together in which we can give back such an abundant gift.

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