Business Concierge - Latrobe Valley Authority
Upskill My Business

The Victorian Government has partnered with key industry groups and top education providers to present virtual professional-learning opportunities to small business owners impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Upskill My Business gives small business owners access to free online training from leading learning institutions. Get practical help with free online courses, live and on-demand events and a range of business resources to help you prepare for a strong recovery.

Courses, events and resources cover a range of business-focused areas including:
• Marketing
• Pricing
• Exporting
• Finance
• Market strategies
• Managing cashflow

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Rocktots and Art

Rocktots has been successful in Traralgon for 15 years offering music and movement classes for preschool children . Along with learning about the world around them through imaginative play we are now offering arts and crafts as well . Using lots of fine motor control and developing imagination through art is something we are very much looking forward to .

Customer Service & Marketing - Brentcorp Foodservice
Now offering Home Delivery

Brentcorp Foodservice is now offering Home Delivery throughout Gippsland

Just hop onto our website place your order and we can deliver it straight to your door for a small delivery fee of $6

Please see image attached for the days we are delivering in your area

Business Growth Specialist & Marketing Strategist - Profit Improvers
$5,000 Grants for Local Business Owners

An international business magazine which Profit Improvers is associated has made it possible for me to provide some educational business and marketing services to 10 local businesses, free of charge.

Small Business Breakthroughs Magazine’s ( ) primary mission is to provide training, resources and support to small business owners making less than $2 million in annual revenue. Due to the current economic crisis, we’re offering ten grants up to $5,000 for small businesses in the Gippsland area. These grants are offered to help small business owners obtain specific strategies they can use to quickly recover revenues lost during the Coronavirus shutdown.


  1. 2019 revenues between $50,000 up to $2 million
  2. Experiencing a decline of at least 10% in monthly revenue

 Requirements: Email associate contributor Phil East at and include your contact information including your phone number, email address, and website URL.

There are no fees required to apply for this grant and no repayment is required.

If you would like more information about this grant program by Small Business Breakthroughs magazine, please call Phil East at 0434 769 950 or email


Innovation and entrepreneurship specialist - Startup Gippsland
Innovation in a Crisis: With Jamie Sciberras from The Biscuit Shop

With their business heavily geared towards wholesaling to cafes and supermarkets, Jamie and Sarina from The Biscuit Shop have had to innovate to continue operations through the COVID restrictions. They circled back to an idea that had been with them from the beginning: creating DIY yo-yo kits for the consumer market.


As a result, they sold a staggering 650 DIY yo-yo kits in the space of 8 hours, and they’re still going strong. 


Jamie believes that their pivot succeeded because they looked at a potential solution, instead of the problem. By considering opportunities as well as negative impacts, they were able to develop a product and strategy that helped to replace their losses in wholesale orders. 


Read Jamie and Sarina’s full story here: 

Community Development Officer - Lifeline Gippsland
Strategies to cope with physical distancing & self isolation.

Actively manage your wellbeing by maintaining routines where possible, connecting with family and friends (even if not in person), staying physically active, eating nutritious foods and getting enough sleep.

Also, remember your wellbeing isn’t just taking care of your physical health. Your mental health is just as important. If you’re struggling to cope, reach out to a support person or someone you trust. Please also know we’re here for you 24/7 on 13 11 14 or text with us nightly, 6pm – midnight (AEST) on 0477 13 11 14. Reach out and connect with us.


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Marketing Coordinator | Digital Content Producer - GippsTech
Innovation in a Crisis: Ryan Clancy and Kaitlyn Abrahall from Scarlet & Grace

During this time, we have seen many businesses adapt their model, offerings and clientele in order to remain operational and in demand. Ryan and Kaitlyn, from Scarlet & Grace, have done just this; having innovated their product range to include fragranced hand sanitisers. 

“We have already pre-sold a large number of hand sanitisers to a new audience; and will be focussing our sales to doctors clinics, hospitals, trades, building companies and more. This new clientele have previously struggled to get supply, so having the opportunity to fill this need, whilst still supporting Australian, family-owned, businesses, is really important.”

While previously their focus has been on selling to wholesalers and stockists, they have made their products available to the end consumer, and the results have been astounding. As a result, they have sold more products online in the last 4 weeks than they have their last 18 months of business! 

Read Ryan and Kaitlyn’s full story, and how they have decided to pivot and innovate at this time.


Manager - Business Advisory - ION Group Pty Ltd
Emergency Mentoring and Business Regeneration Support

Our team has supported over 850 businesses across all industries and sectors – including agriculture, manufacturing, export, retail, trade services, and many more. Claire Crocker (see photo) owns ION Group and has built a team of advisors who are very experienced and skilled in all aspects of business development. A major focus of Claire’s is supporting women business owners and operators (specialist programs available).

We provide practical, innovative and holistic advice that you can act on immediately. When the Hazelwood Power Station closed we won over half of the contracts for supply-chain businesses and have proven outstanding success in business recovery and resilience – some of these businesses lost up to 90% of their income.

Currently, we are focused on emergency mentoring and regeneration for businesses impacted by COVID-19 to help them survive, adapt, re-open and rebuild. We guide them with strategies that bring stability and direction – to adapt and rebuild. Please look at our web site and the video testimonials and then contact us and we will tailor a package that meets your needs and budget. We are also expert at accessing funding support.  Leigh Crocker 0419 359 409

Community Development Officer - Lifeline Gippsland
Strategies to cope with physical distancing & self isolation.

Living in a 24-hour news cycle, that’s predominantly COVID-19 related, it’s important to limit your exposure to news and media.

Perhaps choose specific times of day when you will get updates as too much exposure can increase feelings of fear and anxiety. Be mindful of sources of information and ensure you’re accessing good quality and accurate information from reputable and reliable sources.

#covid19 #InThisTogether #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #suicideprevention

Community Development Officer - Lifeline Gippsland
Strategies to cope with physical distancing & self isolation.

Create a routine that prioritises things you enjoy and even things you have been meaning to do but haven’t had enough time. Read that book, watch that show, take up that new hobby. Try to see this time as a new and unusual period that might even have some benefits.

Ensure you do what feels right for you and don’t judge yourself by what you see others doing. It’s important to find a routine that suits your lifestyle. Make sure your daily routine is about you.


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