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EXCITING NEWS – Equine Assisted Learning – NOW in Latrobe Valley




Equine Assisted Learning


So what is Equine Assisted Learning ?


Equine Assisted Learning is a unique approach to experiential learning, where clients develop new skills via relational experiences with horses.  EAL can assist in enhancing quality of life, professional and  personal development and leadership skills in teams and individuals.  EAL is a fast growing modality across Australia as well as Internationally.  NDIS clients benefit greatly from EAL services as do Children and Adolescents.




What are the Benefits of Equine Assisted Learning?


  • Improved Psycho-social skills
  • Increased Emotional Intelligence
  • Increased Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Improved Communication
  • Improved Problem Solving


  • Increased Impulse Control
  • Increased Self awareness
  • Increased Awareness of Others and the Environment
  • Emotional & Nervous System Regulation
  • Increased Awareness of Behavioural patterns
  • Healthy/Safe Relationships
  • Improve Relational Skills
  • Improved Assertiveness & Boundaries



Who can it Help ?



Children, Adolescents and Adults experiencing:

·       Anger

·       Depression

·       Anxiety

·       Trauma

·       Relationship Issues

·       PTSD

·       Self confidence & esteem issues

·       Stress

·       Social Issues

·       ADHD

·       Neurodiversity  & MORE………


Professionals, Parents & Carers:

interested in:

·       Leadership Skills

·       Developing Teams

·       Balancing Caring and Self Care

·       Calming/Co-regulation Skills

·       Burnout/Exhaustion/Vicarious Trauma

·       Psycho-education


& MORE……..







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Federation University Commercial Catering Services

THIS TENDER HAS BEEN RELEASED TO THE MARKET to review this tender please access the Federation University eProcure tender portal as per instructions provided below.

Federation University is going out to an open market to obtain a panel of contracted suppliers to ensure consistent spend and sourcing across the food & catering departments to gain a high level of consistency, price and service for the University. There is a potential for further growth of sourcing these services from other locations for the University over the term of the contract.

Tenderers will be asked to select the relevant Campuses that are able to be serviced.

Scope will differ dependant on spend category. A comprehensive list of items to be contracted has been prepared for each supplier category and will be made available to suppliers in their contract submissions. Scope will differ dependant on spend category.

This project will allow all food departments across the Federation University organisation access to a consistent supply, price, food safety standard and delivery times and add a high level of merit with food departments working on consistent processes and collectively in a standardised food approach.

This tender has a two stage process: Stage 1 Pre-Qualification and Stage 2 Full Tender Questions.

STAGE 1 – closes Sunday 30th January 2022, 5pm AEST. PRE-QUALIFICATION 


In order to be considered as a conforming bid, tenderers must provide all the documents listed as conforming. All questions listed as mandatory must be responded to. Non-conforming tenders representing unacceptable levels of risk may be excluded from further consideration.

Interested parties wishing to post a submission for this tender or ask questions may only do so through the University’s eProcure Tender Portal via the following link;

Questions posed by this method will be brought to the attention of the Project Manager and their response distributed to all interested parties via the Tender Portal.

If you are having any issues with the eProcure portal itself please contact eProcure for assistance on 1800 836 337.

Unauthorised communication with University Staff or Representatives may lead to disqualification of interested party’s tender.

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MI 4PAWZ Furfection Mobile Dog Grooming – Now Open & On The Road

Services – 

Quick Nail Trim – A quick trimming of the nails.

Paw - DICURES - Includes trimming the nails & filing to remove the sharp edges, applying a specialist scrub to the paws, which removes dry dead skin & sanitises the paw. 
This is followed by a Paw revitalising oil which restores moisture to your pups’ paws. Your pups’ nails will be painted with a dog friendly, non-toxic nail polish colour of your choice.

Designer Pawz – Add a little flair & design to your pups’ paws, with creative painted nails. These designed can include stripes, dots & multi coloured nails to make a fashion statement.

Wash & Blow-dry – Includes washing in warm water, using quality products, cleaning the ears, trimming the nails & blow-drying the coat.

Neat & Trim – Includes the “Wash & Blowdry” service, tidying up the face, feet, eyes, hygiene area & trimming the paw pads, whilst leaving the length on the body & a lightly brushing out of the coat.

The Basic Clip – Includes the “Wash & Blowdry” service, clipping of the hygiene areas & in between the paw pads, blow-drying & a light brush, out of the coat, before clipping their coat to your desired length.

Breed Specific/ Style Clipping – Includes the “Wash & Blowdry” service, clipping of the hygiene areas & in between the paw pads, blow-drying & a light brush out of the coat, before clipping their coat to your desired breed specific style & length.

Creative Grooming with Splash of Colour – All products used are dog safe and we would never use something on your dog that could harm them. This creative grooming is not for every dog or for every owner. Dogs must sit still for us to apply dyes or temporary colours. When they are all done, they can show off & strut their stuff. Dogs with even just a little of ear or tail colour just love the attention they receive from other people.

Deshedding – Includes Deshedding of the excessive hair & undercoats. Feel free to ask us about a Deshedding program.

Dog Reiki – Reiki is a Japanese method of channelling energy. Founded in the 1920s, it works by releasing blocked energy to promote health, healing & well-being. By offering our furbaby’s all the Benefits of Dog Reiki, we are giving something back to them for all of the unconditional love, joy & healing they give us. Dog Reiki is a natural & a safe healing tool, it’s gentle & can be done hands on or from a distance. Also known as Animal/Pet Reiki, the energy healing flows from the Universal Source & is automatically set with a positive healing intent.

P & A’s Latrobe Valley Steam Cleaning and Security Doors

Steam Cleaning carpets and Security Doors

Cleaning tiles, removing grout and polishing tiles

Security Doors and Locks

- East West Autos
This customer chose us to service his new Camaro today.
You too can choose us to service your new car and maintain your log book schedule without voiding your warranty.
Call us on 03 5126 1999 or book online and we’ll treat your new car just like our own.
System Repairs and Service owner operator - System Repairs and Service
“Airfree” Air Purifiers
System Repairs and Service have recently become involved with “Airfree”, a European manufacturer of domestic and industrial Air Purifiers. Airfree has a design and technology which allows it to be maintenance free.
Working directly with the Australian importer we are able to provide a match for client`s requirements in either small office space/bedroom or larger rooms or facilities from 16 to 120 square metres.
If  you are considering installing Air Purifiers in your office spaces or homes please contact us for further information on the range.
So, if you are concerned about ongoing maintenance and replacement filter element costs?
If you would rather a Maintenance Free option?
If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the above, then contact System Repairs and Service for the range of “Airfree” Air Purifiers.

The maintenance free technology will remove airborne microorganisms including Mould, Dust Mite allergens, Bacteria, Pollen and Viruses (such as SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19)

“Airfree” Air Purifiers DO NOT require regular cleaning or replacement of filter elements quarterly, six monthly or annually! Some replacement elements can cost up to $100!
Please email with any questions you have, more information on the range available and pricing.
See reports and articles on “Airfree” at our facebook page: systemrepairsandservice
Director, Business Outcomes - In2 Project Management
Why is PDCA important?

There is one process that I am continually trying to improve….the parenting process. We want our children to be curious, independent, ambitious and resilient to what life may throw at them. This is a process, that as parents, we all go into with different experiences but I believe that we can still apply the fundamentals of Deming’s PDCA (Plan – Do –  Check – Adjust).

Why is PDCA fundamental to process improvement?

The PDCA framework works well in all types of organisations. It can be used to improve any process or product, by breaking them down into smaller steps or development stages, and exploring ways to improve each one.

So here is how it applied to our family framework!

Plan – At the start of 2021, as a family, we decided set some goals for the year ahead using the Big Life Journal as a framework. This planning phase took a while to work through our individual goals for relationships, health, projects, celebrations, trips and making a difference. We the collated our ideas and came up with our family goals for 2021!

Do – So on to the doing… As the year went by we set about our year, running our little family planning process every week, planning our weekends and activities. Just living live like any other family.

Check – Fast forward to last night, at our family meeting  we decided to check-in on our Big Life Journal family goals for 2021. This was an interesting self reflection on the things that we had wanted to achieve but not quite done.

Adjust – ….and there we go the adjustment process, what changes can we make to ensure we meet our goals. Time to take action!

When to use the PDCA Process?

Use the PDCA cycle when:

  • Starting a new improvement
  • Developing a new or improved process, product, or service
  • Defining a repetitive work process
  • Planning data collection and analysis in order to verify and prioritise problems or root causes
  • Implementing any change
  • Working toward continuous improvement
Software Development Consultant - GippsTech
Learn Essential Innovation Techniques from GippsTech

We don’t have to tell you how hard it is out there for the Gippsland business community. What we do know is that, right now, businesses can’t afford to become complacent or conservative to the point of inaction.

GippsTech is partnering with Committee For Gippsland to deliver Business Resilience Skills Sessions. These two workshops are designed to give business owners and leaders hands-on experience with proven techniques used by the world’s largest companies to confront challenges, identify opportunities, and make informed decisions quickly.

Across these two sessions, you’ll learn how to define the challenges and opportunities around your business, generate and prioritise a range of possible actions, then test initiatives on a small scale to validate your assumptions and choose solutions for wide-scale implementation.

If you’ve ever wondered how the most successful and innovative businesses generate and identify winning ideas for new products, services, or business improvements, and manage to survive and grow even in difficult times, you can’t miss these sessions. It’s not chance, luck, or a genius CEO — it’s a set of processes and frameworks that you can learn and put into place within your business.

These workshops will consist of two sessions:

Session 1: Discovery and Ideation

Discovery sprints generate actionable information and a concrete plan to define your next steps. An introduction to methods of ideation will then teach you how to get past aimless and unfocused brainstorming sessions to generate relevant and achievable ideas to address these challenges and opportunities.

Session 2: Prototyping and Testing

You will learn how to prototype solutions that can be implemented quickly and with minimal investment of time or resources on a small scale. Prototypes allow you to test multiple ideas at once or in quick succession to see which ones best meet your needs and address your challenges.

Follow-up Resources & Coaching

After these sessions, we’ll provide all participants with a whole set of additional resources, including activity templates, recordings of the sessions to review or share with your team, and links to additional information to help you master these techniques and introduce them into your businesses.

We will also provide a follow-up coaching session to every participating business to give you tailored advice on how to put these techniques into practice within your organisation.

We’re pleased to be working in conjunction with Committee for Gippsland to provide these sessions. These workshops – valued at over $500 – are free of charge for Committee For Gippsland members, and $50 for non-members.

Writer, editor, proofreader, owner/operator - On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading
Blogging for better business – blogging as part of your marketing strategy

Does or should your business have a website?

Unless you want to be invisible, a website is essential these days. A website will make sure you’re seen by potential customers.

Does or should your business website have a blog? 

A regular, informative blog will greatly increase the value and reach of your website. It will not only get you seen by more potential customers; it will win you more customers.

How to use blogging as part of your marketing strategy

Regular blogging – with relevant, informative articles, the right key words and SEO – will:

  1. Attract more potential customers to your website
  2. Instill trust in your potential and current customers
  3. Create followers, and loyalty, among your potential and current customers
  4. Encourage your followers to share your articles across different social media platforms (increasing reach)
  5. Make the search engines love your blog/website and send more people to it (increasing reach)
  6. Form the basis of your online marketing strategy which can include a) sharing blogs across your business’s and other organisations/groups’ online platforms, b) creating Youtube videos or other online materials based on your blog content.

How do I get started, in writing a blog for my website?

For information about how to get started in preparing an initial plan for your blog, as part of your online marketing strategy – what to do first – contact us at On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading. We offer a free consultation and quote.

For more information about effective blogging, check out our articles:

Image: Pixabay creative commons licence (no attribution required).