Your financial strategy is lacking so what can you do?

The Financial Strategist - New Era Management Services

Many ventures are missing important opportunities because they have not thought through the best way to obtain and utilise financial information. The lag time in getting financial information can be a real frustration leading to poor decisions, lost opportunities and hampered investment. Without a thorough understanding of financial trends, business projections become unclear, a downward spiral.

Best financial practice means tailoring how you design and access financial information in a way that best meets your needs. This may put your existing financial service on notice, but for good reason. Business owners must insist that their financial support is ever present, a value add and is the absolute best that it can be. This is a game changer, the days of financial services being little more than a necessary evil or a reactive overhead are over.

So the question is, how do you create the right financial approach for your venture?

You do this by maneuvering finance as a key driver in defining service levels and the costs to deliver at the level that you need. This process will re-establish direction, improve financial intelligence, introduce better systems and set accountability. It is not rocket science, it’s simply a smarter way to work.

The following steps are a guide to divesting you from your current practices. You should never want to go back to the old way of doing things again.

Step 1 – Service level mapping

By beginning with service level mapping the aim is to help you deliver a return from the investment that you are making in your financial service. Don’t pay lip service to this aspect.

Step 2 – Unlock and sustain your advantage

Define and develop your financial accountabilities to free up enough resources to sustain your competitive advantage.

Step 3 – Model a role for finance

This will improve workforce performance, identify opportunities for self-development and reduce stress.

Step 4 – Unleashing the new financial paradigm

Introducing finance as a key driver will showcase yourself as an entrepreneur and you’ll be at the forefront of change, ideas and tactics.

Want to know more?

Peter Smith

The Financial Strategist - New Era Management Services

As CEO and founder of New Era Management Services I have been the specialist lead for hundreds of successful finance and management projects Australia wide.

Having sharpened my role as a consultant and financial strategist I can readily identify the underlying problems getting in the way. The lack of accountability out there, few people investing in themselves and in their organisation, managers become swamped by detail, taking on too much and devoting an inordinate amount of time to putting out fires.

Let's talk about how my once off placements can assist you. Ranging from filling a particular vacancy or a gap in your financial service to financial trouble shooting to helping to interpret “the numbers” and putting together robust and visionary business and financial strategies. Let me work with you to release the 10% of trapped revenue that you are giving away, help you to provide a simple structure to implement your ideas and systemise your operations by getting your business on the CLOUD.

This is your low risk option, these services are available when YOU need them and we offer a return on your investment. GUARANTEED!

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