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“From the first conversation, the team at GippsTech made the process easy for me and understood that my page needed to reflect my style and personality, so that I could attract the right clients for my business. They saw me and my business as unique, and were committed to building a site for me that was authentic, different, and spoke from the heart.”


-Sharon Slocum, founder of Little Birdy Photography


The Project

Sharon Slocum is an incredibly talented photographer, who has built a thriving practice across Gippsland as Little Birdy Photography, largely thanks to word-of-mouth and her engaging social media presence. She needed a website to tie it all together, and create a comprehensive touchpoint for her clients. It needed to be a permanent showcase for her work, beyond the often fleeting world of social media, and it needed to outline her services and provide a singular point of potential client contact.

The Challenge

Sharon’s work is incredibly personal and unique for the region. She needed a website that spoke to the artistic quality of her work, but was also appropriate for her core audiences. Newborn and Family photography make up the majority of Sharon’s commercial work, so the site needed to showcase her warmth and the accessibility of her services. We were also tasked with expanding the visual language of her existing brand identity.

The Solution

We realised early on in the process that Little Birdy needed a custom design. Photography websites can quickly start to blend in to one another. There wasn’t really a blueprint for what we were trying to achieve — a site that showcased Sharon’s images and her personality in a way that felt premium, but also approachable. So we designed and developed a user experience that played with themes around memory, temporality, impression and perception, to create an overall effect where visitors to the site weren’t just looking at Sharon’s photos, but seeing the world through her eyes.


Digital Strategy, User Experience Design, Content Development, Web Development, WordPress Development


Read the full case study here to learn more. 


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