Procurement Advisers to support suppliers to Construction Industry.

Procurement Adviser - GROW Gippsland

Procurement Advisers to support your business – Find out how to gain access to work opportunities across the Gippsland Region.

Do you want to learn how to access new work opportunities?

These Gippsland Major Works include:

  • Building and Construction Projects
  • Civil Construction Projects
  • Road & Rail Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Renewable Energy Projects ie. Solar & Wind Farms

Do you need support to promote your business?

Learn how to access all the above opportunities through local procurement platforms by attending a workshop and engaging with the GROW Gippsland Procurement Advisery Team Members.

Workshops presented by the GROW Gippsland Program with support of your Local Shire Councils, the LVA and the State Government of Victoria. 

GROW (Growing Regional Opportunities for Work) Gippsland is a collaborative approach to local economic development and jobs growth in the region, achieved through local and social procurement and inclusive employment. If we all work collectively to make small changes to the way we do business we can create a significant positive impact on the region.

Learn more about GROW Gippsland –

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