Every day we get to work with organisations and business owners just like you…

Director, Business Outcomes - Go True North

At In2 Project Management were fortunate that every day we get to work with organisations, business owners and individuals just like you!

We improve business performance by helping organisations to see, understand, solve their own problems and ultimately reduce their cost to serve. The reason we do this is because we see so much waste within organisations and we know that people can solve their own problems, but they don’t know how or where to start. So our mission is to inspire people to become lean thinkers and create more value for their organisation, customers and community.

And the best bit is that on average we have increased gross profit for organisations by 19.6% by coaching and mentoring over 1500 people across Australia to become lean thinkers.

We have been on our own Journey too. Last year as a part of our growth, we partnered with ISR Training to improve our own sales capability. We are so impressed with the results that we shared the learning with our business community, see what they had to say in the video.

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Daley Thompson
Daley Thompson
2 years ago

Great to see two of our GBC local business partners connecting and collaborating!

Wendy Bezzina
2 years ago

So many organisations could benefit from working with the In2 Project Management team !!