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The 10 Hats of Successful Business Ownership Workshop

Organiser: Work My Own Way
18 February 2020, Tuesday
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


As a small business owner you will inevitably wear multiple hats and fill different roles within your business. For small businesses owners (especially solopreneurs) this can mean wearing all of the hats, which can result in feelings of overwhelm and loss of control.

Understanding each of the hats worn in your business can help you to increase efficiency and take control of your day to day activities. Unfortunately, few business owners actually understand their business enough to do this well.

Stuart Kendall is a qualified and experienced Accountant with Pursuit Advisers, and will present on how business owners can take a critical step back to examine both strategic and tactical roles within their business, and how to go about getting things done whilst being the ‘Chief Hat Wearer’.

Stuart will be discussing what each of the 10 hats in business are, and how to effectively switch from one hat to another, including:

  • 10 hats of Organisational Structure
  • Strategy vs Operational functions
  • Generating & Converting Leads
  • Generating & Managing Cash
  • Increasing & Improving Team Efficiencies
  • Maximising Team Performance
  • Increasing Leverage
  • Innovation & Improvement

If you are an existing (or potential!) business owner struggling to work out which hats to wear and when, come and join us for an insightful session designed to give you greater clarity, organisation and effectiveness in your business.


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