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Real Bread by George

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Business Overview

There's something incredibly satisfying about good bread. Real bread. Not the supermarket kind that is whipped up at warp speed before being wrapped in fantastic plastic and freighted down freeways. Rather, I'm talking about bread as it used to be. Bread that, in years gone by, adorned tables at every meal and served as the staple that nurtured bodies and brought people together. Slow bread. Healthful and flavourful bread. The staff of life!

A number of years ago I decided I wanted to learn how to make real bread. Bread with a crust that shattered and a sweet open crumb, all the better to collect an immodest application of butter.

It has been a long road (sourdough has a mind of its own) but I have now reached a point where I've got a bread and a skill worth sharing with our beautiful region.

My bread is made by hand, using premium ingredients and a lot of time and care - there are no shortcuts, no compromising of the integrity of the process or the product. Each loaf is unique and the bread varies in flavour and texture from week to week, season to season. It truly represents the vintage of the day. That's the nature of real bread.

I bake once per week from my home in West Gippsland. A limited number of loaves are delivered to the Baw Baw Food Hub in Warragul on Tuesdays. I also run a number of classes throughout the year as I'd love as many people as possible to learn the art of creating real bread at home to nurture themselves and their families.


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