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Business Overview

Hi folks, I'm Rinaldo and my business is called Gro Wilde.
Some of my fondest memories as a child are of Italy. Endless autumn days spent in the pine forests looking for mushrooms with my uncles and aunties. Nonna, that’s my nan, would cook them up into a risotto that to this very day remains legend. That’s what I’ve captured in this knock out seasoning. A natural flavour enhancer to help you bring out the magic in your soups, casseroles, curries, risottos ect...
Gro Wilde's mushrooms, herbs & spices are handpicked in the Victorian Highlands of East Gippsland. They are then air dried naturally at an average room temperature of 25 degrees celsius. This allows for maximum flavour enhancing qualities to be preserved. The minerals are sourced from some of the purist salt lakes mother-nature has to offer. We are so proud to launch this 100% Australian made product.


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