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  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

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At Care Connect Navigators, we are driven by compassion, integrity, collaboration, empowerment, quality, advocacy, and cultural respect. We genuinely care for NDIS participants, uphold ethical standards, collaborate for optimal outcomes, empower individuals, deliver high-quality services, advocate for rights, and respect diverse cultures. Our values shape our Support Navigation approach, making a positive impact on participants' lives and fostering inclusivity and independence.

Support with implementing your NDIS plan, including connecting with services and coordinating support. (Assist-Life Stage, Transition)
Help finding a place to live (Accommodation/Tenancy)
Support to get and keep a job or go to college (Assist Access/Maintain Employ/Higher Education)
Aid with everyday personal tasks (Daily Personal Activities)
Support with travel and transportation (Assistance with travel/transport arrangements)
Learning new skills for everyday life (Development-Life Skills)
Creative ways to get involved in the community (Innovative community participation)
Joining in community activities (Participate Community)

Also, we're flexible with our schedule, offering appointments outside regular business hours to suit your needs, especially if you work during the day.


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