Waste Management & Commercial Cleaning


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Business Overview

Biomaster is an Australian family owned company dedicated to non toxic, environmentally friendly Australian made products for treating septic, domestic and commercial waste. We offer a range of eco-safe products for the treatment of septic tanks, blocked drains, grease traps, pet waste, composting and the elimination of unpleasant odours.

Products include:
Flush-It for Septic Tank treatment.
Traveller for RVs and portable toilets.
Grease Gone for grease trap treatment maintenance.
Drain Power for the treatment and maintenance of drains.
Drain Clear for clearing of blocked internal and external drains.
Compost-It makes compost in 4 weeks from kitchen and garden waste.
Pet Waste BioBin makes pet waste disappear.
Pet Waste Wizard activator for use with BioBin.