Najam Saqib

Freelance Photographer


I Najam (Nudge - em) that means Star, am so eager about capturing images that there is nothing less than marvellous that turned Najam Images into reality. A place to turn your aspirations into images and let you and your loved ones shine like a star.

My most loved professional equipment, and adaptability to squeeze in any location makes my photography a work of art I proudly own and humbly present.

Outside of work and photography, I enjoy exploring outdoors and being passionate about nutrition and health. I also like networking with people from different interest groups and with different opinions. I like to get out of like-minded comfort zone and into a zone where I am going to be able to learn, grow and make a bigger difference.

Come and get your precious moments carved by my lenses and entrapped in the prints and frames to shine on your walls till you make new lovelier ones and keep adding to the love and concern your whole life’s struggle revolves around.

You made the right choice coming here. Welcome!

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