Margie Matheson



I am a primary and secondary school teacher who is passionate about seeing behaviour as a language rather than something which needs to be judged then punished or rewarded. Using the many somatic, mind and spiritual modalities I have experienced, I feel a strong desire to create a space where feelings and needs become a common language in how we communicate and connect with ourselves, family and community.
My passion is to have an organisation supported by community, where those who partake in the program give back to community through feeling the beauty of generosity.
It is about knowing there are always options even when life does us hard. Setting up a B&B, navigating a break away from an unhealthy marriage, and empowering myself rather being stuck in blame, has taken me on self discovery journeys to California, Bali, Tasmania and running workshops for those tired of running the same patterns in their life.
My love for farm life (spending 10 years part time on a dairy farm), nature and sustainable living, took me to completing a Permaculture Design Course.
Being a teacher and a mum of 3 teenagers, I came to watching young people being guided to tell an adult/teacher when they have conflict. The moment this happens, I have noticed how the young people do not have the tools to empower themselves and work through their conflict.
It lights me up to have the 2 people in conflict turn and communicate with each other in a way that brings connection. NVC (NonViolent Communication) is a powerful tool.
I want a place in nature that enables people to find who they are, underneath all the layers. To build trust with themselves, then others. I want to make a difference to the crime rate, suicide stats and school attendance ... and for people to experience the feeling of belonging.

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