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It is a community managed organisation. It has solid financial and management structure with appropriate governance policies and procedures.

We are supported by the Department of Health and Human Services(DHHS) and the Adult Community and Further Education Board (ACFE) through the Department of Education and Training, Project Grants, self-generated funds and volunteer contribution.

The services that are provided by the centre include: -
• Adult education programs.
• Classes and Courses
• Internet and Computer access, photocopying, scanning and printing.
• Meeting Rooms
• Support and involvement with local community groups and
• Drop in for the community

• Develop and co-ordinate educational, social and employment options for the community at large.
• Training, hobby and cultural enrichment programmes, events and activities and access to resources for either groups within the community or for individuals within the community.
• Programs and support services are aimed at the following target groups – youth, women’s special interest/needs, men’s special interest/needs, unemployed socially disadvantaged, families, minorities, the farming community, and those members of the community who are disadvantaged either socially or financially due to geographical isolation.
• Offer assistance, support or access to resources according to the needs of the community on an individual or group basis.
(Statement of purpose Section 22 (3) 2005. Buchan District Outreach Incorporation Document)

We provide or host a variety of programs, activities and services. Through these we provide opportunity for recreation, learning, sharing and participation in a supportive and welcoming environment. We offer support and information to individuals, families, groups, particularly those who have additional needs, are disadvantaged or isolated.

We involve the community as volunteers in providing services and identifying local needs.

We are a place of learning, a meeting place and provide information from different organisations and services from Federal, State and Local government that community can access.

The Neighbourhood House is a place where people from all age groups, backgrounds and abilities can come together and meet and talk, develop and share ideas and knowledge, join a class or group, gain skills and confidence and be involved.

We support the concepts of community strengthening, community participation and improving community resilience. The centre acts as a “community hub” where a complex range of activities take place.

• Encourage communities to develop responses and solutions to their issues and challenges.
• Reduce the isolation of individuals and groups within communities.
• Address social inequalities by increasing life opportunities.
• Encourage the development of self-help and mutual support activities, social interaction and participation.
• Provide skill development opportunities for people to improve their capacity for independence, social interaction and participation.
• Contribute to the development of effective family functioning within the community and provision of support to families and individuals in crisis.
• Buchan Neighbourhood house is community owned and aims to be community directed and operated, fostering responsibility for management and maintenance through voluntary input.
• Through a strong community base the house aims to be accessible and welcoming to people to call in socially and to access our services and programs.
• The house aims to be available for groups, meetings, etc., seven days and seven nights per week.
• Buchan NH aims to provide support for individuals, families and groups.
• The house encourages and supports local initiatives, self help, and the generation of income, the growth process, cultural enrichment, networking, training and education.
• The house has a commitment to environmental awareness, literacy and numeracy, Minority groups and the advancement of the status of women.
• To operate providing a preventative approach to family violence, substance abuse, social isolation and family ill health.
• To address the needs and ensure access for people with disability or mental health.

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