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September 30, 2020

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October 20, 2020

Facilities Management & Maintenance

RFT 2020-14 Routine Service for Fire Protection and Fire Equipment

  • Whole of region (all)
Client Information
    • Federation University Australia
    • Simone Rosenboom
Project Information


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Pre-qualification requirements

This tender has a two stage process: Stage 1 Pre-Qualification and Stage 2 Full Tender Questions.

STAGE 1 - PRE-QUALIFICATION - Pre-Qualification is a quick response of select (Yes/No) questions that are deemed a must have criteria for the provision of service required. These responses are evaluated after the pre-qualification close off date and an email is then sent to the supplier advising either qualified or not qualified. All response to the Pre-Qualification quick response questions must be made before the Pre-Qualification close off date 15th October 2020, 2pm. Please allow 30 minutes to complete this stage.

STAGE 2 - FULL TENDER ACCESS RESPONSE TO FURTHER QUESTIONS IS REQUIRED - If the supplier is deemed qualified access is provided straight away to the full tender via the eProcure portal and the supplier needs to access the eProcure portal again and go to the RESPONSE TAB and complete the set questions, save and the submissions. All submission's must be made prior to the close off tender date. Please allow at least 1 hour before cut off to load completed documentation against the questions in the response tab.

If the supplier receives notification that the pre-qualification has been deemed Not Qualified there is no further action required for this tender. The supplier has been deemed unsuccessful at this point.

Project Description

The University is seeking to engage a reputable, capable and experienced Fire contractor to carry out routine service of all fire protection systems and equipment throughout all University Campuses meeting Australian Standard AS1851 –2012 and all Essential Safety Measures. These include the following Preventative Maintenance Program. Interested parties wishing to post a submission for this tender or ask questions may only do so through the University’s eProcure Tender Portal via the following link;

Exit and Emergency Lighting

Fire Controls

Sprinkler Systems (including booster points where installed) & Fire Mains

Fire Hydrant System (including booster points where installed) and Fire Main

Fire Hose Reels

Portable Fire Extinguisher

Fire Doors, Smoke Doors & Seals

The scope of works is identified within Annexure 7 of the Master Services agreement - Specification - Routine Service of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment.

In order to be considered as a conforming bid, tenderers must provide all the documents listed as conforming. All questions listed as mandatory must be responded to. Non-conforming tenders representing unacceptable levels of risk may be excluded from further consideration.

Interested parties wishing to post a submission for this tender or ask questions may only do so through the University’s eProcure Tender Portal via the following link;

Questions posed by this method will be brought to the attention of the Project Manager and their response distributed to all interested parties via the Tender Portal.

If you are having any issues with the eProcure portal itself please contact eProcure for assistance on 1800 836 337.

Unauthorised communication with University Staff or Representatives may lead to disqualification of interested party’s tender.

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