Get Digitised

Get Digitised

Use digital technology to sell more and run operations more efficiently, with the help of local experts, it’s easier than you think! 

Get digitised flow


What is your outcome?

  • Exposure / Marketing
  • Process improvement

Educate yourself:

  • Language used by the experts
  • Indicative costs
  • Realistic expectations



  • Understand where you are at currently.
  • Defined outcomes documented.
  • Defined budget & tolerance
  • Decide to build yourself or hire an expert.


  • Identify a local website/design expert via Gippsland Business Connect
  • Set a go-live date and plan who's doing what.
  • Commit yourself or your dollars to getting it done.
  • Get trained so you can manage the content and your staff.
  • Keep websites and passwords secure.


  • External hosting costs
  • Keeping up to date and aware of changes to the technology.
  • Might be minor costs in future (training staff, tech upgrades, iterations & extensions).


Helping more customers learn about what you offer. 

Things to consider:

  1. Getting a website
  2. Selling product online?
  3. Updating your current website
  4. Targeted marketing to customers

Driving prospective customers into your sales process.



Is technology, or a lack of technology slowing you down?

Getting digital also means improving how you manage your business.

Things to consider:

  1. Bookings management
  2. Finance and accounting management
  3. Communications within teams and with clients
  4. Inventory management
  5. Logistics & product delivery
  6. Customer intelligence (records management)


Maffra Cheese Product_cheddar assortment.

Maffra Cheese goes digital and sells Australia-wide

Gippsland success story, Maffra Cheese Co. continue to build on their reputation as one of Australia’s best cheddar producers, by implementing an online shopping tool to expand their market reach and increase sales.

Maffra Cheese Co. products are listed on the website, and the shopping cart functionality makes for quick and easy online ordering.

“It has completely changed our business as we are now able to sell our products right across Australia,” said Ferial Zekiman, owner of Maffra Cheese Co.

“With the new shopping cart tool on our website, we are selling to a wide range of people from Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and beyond.”

 With COVID-19 impacting some of the local and more traditional ways of selling products, the online shopping tool has helped the business to maintain sales and explore new and innovative ways of doing business.

“It has been an opportune time for us to focus on our online sales and explore the best delivery options to get our products to customers across Australia,” said Ferial.

“Implementing an online shopping tool has been a great way to further develop the reputation of our products and the broader Gippsland region,”

“There is huge potential for Gippsland producers and businesses to go digital and sell their products and services online.”

Maffra Cheese Co. was one of five Gippsland agribusinesses to take part in a project to improve their online sales and internal stock processes, made possible by the Latrobe Valley Authority and Food and Fibre Gippsland.


Gippsland start-up goes global online

Gippsland locals, Kristie Morgan and Trish Reardon are the driving force behind Regional Migration Australia – a regionally-based migration consultancy that works closely with businesses across Australia to manage temporary and permanent skills shortages.

Recognising the importance of reaching an international audience, Kristie and Trish recently undertook a project to develop a new website that includes a client portal, a booking system for online consultations, and a jobs board to promote regional employment opportunities.

The new website has helped the start-up to streamline their operations and ensure a high-level of service for clients across Australia, as well as helping to build their international presence.

“We get clients from everywhere because we are very much a digital business,” said Kristie, “We get a lot of work online and often deal with clients without ever meeting them in-person.”

“We’re also looking to develop a much stronger presence overseas to be able to attract offshore skilled migrants.”

Kristie and Trish engaged Gippsland-based web developer, GippsTech, to undertake the website project.

“Our focus is on creating strong regional areas, so for us it was important we actually support the businesses in the region as well,” said Trish.

“Whilst we’re in the early stages of business development, we do recognise that our website is going to be a continually changing and evolving tool for us.”

Learn more about Regional Migration Australia at their Gippsland Business Connect profile or their website.

Kristie & Trish


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