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WEL BLUNT brings a pragmatic and experienced mindset into a business, providing expert consultancy and mentorship at every level of operation. WEL Blunt creates vision, direction and cohesion to a group of hard working individuals to form a strong team environment, where honest and concise feedback builds concrete foundations that a business and individuals will gain significantly from, both from a business standpoint and a personal development standpoint.

WEL BLUNT came to fruition after over 20 years of various leadership challenges and success, all stemming from a deep passion for inspiring people to reach their career goals or in some cases realize their potential, while holding the core values of Carol herself and the business close. A ‘Well Blunt’ approach has allowed Carol to achieve not only her own goals, but also the goals set by the business and then some, with strength built from within the team forming a powerful engine room that is able to efficiently tackle all tasks and challenges. Carol thrives in team environments where the challenge is to create a progressive mindset around the team, where supporting one another, developing their careers and driving for success becomes the fuel in an otherwise (potentially) stagnant and lost environment. Carol has seen a lot of her success in this by being on the ground with the team, often “in the trenches” to understand the very fine details to all operational challenges and problems and attack them head on.

Carol and the team at WEL BLUNT believe that core values beneficial to ALL businesses should be:

Career development

With many more traits to list. WEL BLUNT has set out to be different, with many innovative avenues on offer to allow for expertly tailored mentorship and consultancy available to all types of businesses and all types of personalities. No task is too big or too small for Carol and the team at WEL BLUNT.


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