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Business Overview

Employ & Recruit Apprentices & Trainees in Melbourne & Victoria
Start building a skilled workforce for the future by employing apprentices and trainees today.

Group Training is an employment and training arrangement whereby an organisation such as Skillinvest employs apprentices and trainees under a training and employment contract, and places them with host employers for as long as they need them.

This model is the easiest way to take on apprentices and trainees. You get all the advantages of carefully selected apprentices and trainees, short or long term, without the hassle of paperwork and payroll. We take care of the paperwork for wages, allowances, WorkCover, superannuation and trade school arrangements while the host employer allows time off to attend any off-the-job training that may be required.

Benefits to the host employer:

Skillinvest makes it as simple as possible for businesses to take on apprentices and trainees without the worries of long-term contracts.
With your input, we carefully select the right apprentice or trainee for you.
We arrange the training provider and obtain regular progress reports.
We handle the paperwork and payroll.
We provide ongoing support to make sure everything runs smoothly, including three-monthly performance reviews.
Businesses have the flexibility to meet peak workloads and seasonal variations.
We can also support your business to host a school-based apprentice using the same arrangements.

We can provide a no obligation quotation.

Contact Skillinvest and one of our experienced team members will contact you to discuss your business requirements.

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