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Business Overview

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Information Security Management | Data Protection | Cyber security

Who we are
PDSS is an Australian-based company offering comprehensive internationally recognised information security management systems, staff awareness training and ISMS framework advice across Australia and New Zealand in all aspects of data security.

We create an information security management framework compliant to ISO 27001 with bespoke policies and procedures to meet the requirements of the regulatory standards, financial institutions and SME businesses including ISO 27001, CPS 234, the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We conduct gap audits to identify the risks in data control and management, build a risk register with suggested mitigations, build a statement of applicability to the ISO 27001 - 114 controls and project manage the implementation of the system.

We create the understanding and compliance with your IT (internal and outsources suppliers) of the requirements under ISO 27001 and how to meet them.

An information Security Management system not only covers technological solutions, it covers your staff and your organisational processes.

What we do
Core Capabilities
Governance, Data Security and Cyber Security and ISMS Risk Assessment:
Information security management frameworks (ISO27001, CPS 234, General Data Protection Regulation, Australian Privacy Principles), Information security management consulting, and training. Governance umbrellas to integrate business systems with IT systems (ISO 9001). Risk assessment and treatment (ISO30001). Strategic planning, Gap Analysis, Information Technology Road maps (systems and cyber security). IT Portfolio Management, communications and organisational change management.

Cyber security and Information Assurance: End-to-end Cyber security services
to ensure our client's security posture is robust and IT asset management.