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Business Overview

Pika sushi not only a sushi take away restaurant, but we trying bring all customer to another experience of enjoying our food. We also focus on people oriented business, not only just profit .

We really appreciate our team.
We want them to be able to work and
support their families at home, fulfill
their dream, and become a family and
team at work. Being able to serve
products and services that make our
customers smile and love our products
is everything for us.

Pika Sushi vision is To revolutionise and bring the culture
of Japanese cuisine by making them
more affordable and convenient,
without sacrificing the quality, the
consistency, and the beauty of our

And we have mision to Be a sustainable restaurant in Regional
Australia by sourcing our ingredients
locally, and giving back to the
community by offering a good product
and services.


55 618 765 147