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Phoenix Aerial Solutions Australia

  • 3-Dimensional Images
  • 3D Modelling
  • 3D Visualisation
  • Aerial Photography
  • Inspection Services
  • Mapping
  • Site Inspections

Business Overview

Based in Gippsland, we provide professional aerial inspections, mapping and monitoring solutions utilising the latest drone technology. We work with our clients to understand their specific requirements to ensure we capture the data they need in the form of high-resolution visual stills, video and/or thermal imagery and 2D and 3D models.

Drones are revolutionising the way inspection jobs are executed. Drones make inspections faster, safer and cheaper than ever before.

At Phoenix, our goal is to exploit the use of this new technology to minimise risks, maximise performance, reduce turnaround times and improve our customer’s profitability.

Some of the benefits of using drones include:
- Improved job site safety by minimising the need for work to be conducted at heights or in high-risk environments.
- Site surveying and planning can now be executed on digital twin virtual models, generally at a fraction of the time and cost.
- Provision of job progress data for analysis and annotations
- Enables your team and stakeholders to view inspections virtually from anywhere in the world.
- High-quality image capture for marketing purposes (e.g. video and photography).

Being local to Gippsland means we're able to avoid the hassle and lengthy time delays that can be associated with metropolitan lockdowns and border restrictions.

With over 20 years of aeronautical experience flying helicopters, our Chief Pilot has an in-depth understanding of airspace rules and regulations.

We have a strong commitment to maintaining the highest levels of safety standards that must be followed by every member of our team and collaborators.

Phoenix is a CASA certified (ReOC) operator and is fully insured for public liability.


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