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Our Følklore

  • Brand Development
  • Branded Promotional Products
  • Business Profile Videos
  • Drone Photography and Video
  • Event Photography
  • Event Videos and Streaming
  • Family Photography
  • Photography and Video
  • Photography Services
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Business Overview

Hi, I'm Jarrod,

Filmmaker, photographer and creative behind Our Følklore.
I’m forever curious about the place where creativity and real life meet.
I’ve witnessed the subtle magic of this life, and feel pulled to illuminate it.
Our Følklore is our collective stories.
The deep and the light.
The relatable and the unique.

It was formed out of a deep appreciation of the finite nature of life and exists to tell your stories, our stories. To capture the sacred in the ordinary and the beauty in the moments in-between.

The goal here, is to be both minimal and breathtaking.

Our Følklore is all about slowing things down and gazing deeply into a moment.
Appreciating the profound nature of the ordinary.
Connecting with beauty and the sacred.
This is soul centric storytelling for the wholehearted.

These are our stories.
This is Our Følklore.


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