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Nexsys Industries Consulting Pty Ltd

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Business Overview

Nexsys Industries Consulting is a new Gippsland based consultancy with expertise in regional and place-based sustainable development practices and solutions. We work in partnership with proponents and communities to optimise and share benefits and build collaborative practice, leading to healthy and sustainable growth.

As specialist development facilitators, we work alongside proponents to help deliver regional infrastructure and industry development opportunities. We work in partnership or as a service provider/consultant to developers on locations, business relationships, workforce and skills, community engagement and participation and government connections.

We can facilitate opportunity scoping for developments that may have specific requirements or targets for regional business or workforce capability, harnessing our knowledge and connections in the regions in which we operate.

The concept and practice of a regional intermediary is central to what we do, working with developers and businesses to help them establish and grow in the region or to identify and partner for mutual benefit. An initial focus for the business is the renewable energy and agricultural sectors. Over time, we’ll build a portfolio of support focussed on the needs and aspirations of businesses and proponents in growth and strength sectors.


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