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Business Overview

We breed and sell Purebred Speckle Park Stud Cattle, primarily bulls but may have cows & heifers available in the future - Originating in Canada, the "Speckle Park" beef breed have superior quality carcasses with very high marbling plus yield, even on grass. Cattle are docile, fertile and early maturing. A polled breed, they are very hardy, coping in both cold snowy Canadian climates to our hot Aussie summers. Speckle Parks have exceptional carcass quality which results in superior tasting, tender and high marbling beef. Their marbling ability & feed efficiency makes them ideal for producing easy finishing steers whether that be grass fed on pastures or in feed lots. Bulls increasingly are being used over other breeds to add hybrid vigour and the New Zealand and now Australian dairy industry are using Speckle Park bulls across their dairy cows to add muscle to their bull calf operations and gaining premiums when sending to market.


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