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Kooee Brew Pty Ltd.

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Business Overview

Kooee Brew is a start-up committed to delivering high quality, low sugar beverages. Our first product is canned ready to drink Nitro Coffee. We are Gippsland based and are looking to manufacture in the area, and distribute locally to begin with. Nitro Coffee is a very new product with very little availability on the market in Australia. We have been conducting R&D for the past 12 months, and have just invested in our first production run which will provide us with 4000 ready to drink cans, as a proto-type to test the concept. We believe we can be competitive on pricing with anything else on the market which is remotely similar. We offer a revolutionary alternative in the iced coffee section of the fridge, with zero sugar, zero additives (except nitrogen). The product is smooth, sweet and creamy, however its only black coffee!

Initially, we are outsourcing the manufacturing, but eventually would like to produce in house. We have progressed a great deal in the past 12 months since conception of the idea, however now seek further professional support and investment to help us grow.


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