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Business Overview

In2 Project Management have learned through the lean global network that successful transformation calls for a situational approach that is based on innovating key dimensions of any organization through addressing a series of questions:
· What is our purpose, what problems are we trying to solve, what is our true north and what value are we providing?
· How are we improving how are we building capability?
· What leadership behaviours and management systems are required to support this new way of working?
· What basic thinking, mindset, or assumptions comprise the existing culture, and are driving this transformation?
Fundamentally, the process of any successful lean transformation rests on applying Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) cycles of experimentation at every level, everywhere, all the time. Being situational means that every journey is going to be specific and different.
Therefore our approach is tailored to your needs and combines lean thinking, agile practices and visual management.
Our Mission - To inspire people to become lean thinkers and create more value for their organisation, customers, community and personal development.


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