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Happy Changemakers

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Business Overview

In everything we do, we believe in the power of business doing good for the world.

The way we achieve this is by empowering business owners and leaders to adopt a compelling approach to passion, purpose & profit.

We do this through our programmes in business strategy, business planning and business optimisation, and also through our leadership coaching and mentoring with both individuals and groups.

Striking a balance between passion, purpose and profit can be a struggle at the best of times.

We’ve been there, and we get it.

Our inhouse team and network of experts will work with you to put you on a trajectory that brings you the satisfaction, joy and freedom you’ve yearned for all along, while meeting the very real need to increase revenue and profitability.

If you’re a business owner or leader who wants to bring about positive change in the world, without the overwhelm and burnout, then Happy Changemakers can help you in your quest.

Contact us today for a free no-obligation chat about what you’d like to achieve in and through your business.

We’re excited about the possibilities.


Happy Changemakers is a division of Changemaker Associates Pty Ltd, founded by life & business partners Jodie Willmer and Robert Nagy who are based in East Gippsland.


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