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TRFM & GOLD 1242AM and 98.3FM are the stations that local people rely on for all their local, national & sport news, playing Gippsland’s best music from the artists that our under 40s and over 40 year old listeners know and love.

Ace Radio Gippsland reaches 69,400 people per week aged 10+ (52.1% of the market). The recent survey (Source: Xtra Insights Sale license area (RA1) regional survey 1, 2016. Station listened to most) shows that TRFM was number one, dominating the market with 31.3% of 10+ station listened to most, compared with 7.5% for STAR FM.

It shows that in Breakfast, TRFM dominated the 10+ station listened to most with 32.5 percent.

GOLD 1242, which targets an older audience was the #2 commercial station in the market for 10+ station listened to most, with a 13.4% and #1 in its target demographic 50-64 with a 24.3 percent.

The survey also collected data on the weekend habits of radio listeners and showed most tuned into TRFM with a 28.6 percent.


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