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Business Overview

Energy Management Consultancy is a Clean Energy Council approved solar retailer and member located in Cape Paterson, who is passionate about solar energy, and energy management. Providing the Gippsland region solar power system design and installation options, coupled with energy management strategy plans, and only using quality, affordable products. The Energy Management Consultancy team prides themselves in the honest, personalised service that is consistently provided.
Melinda Glew, the founder of Energy Management Consultancy, has a BSc in Sustainable Energy Management, providing her with technical knowledge, and an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of energy. She is accredited with the Clean Energy Council to design solar power systems, and previously was a director on the board of the Energy Innovation Co-operative.
Melinda is passionate about renewable energy and decided to form a business that offers honest solar energy advice with quality products to back it up - offering local, personalised service for people interested in purchasing solar systems and/or how to manage their energy consumption around their system. Melinda wants her clients to be happy with their decision to purchase a solar power system and to enable them to benefit from it long term.
The Clean Energy Council Accredited team at Energy Management Consultancy can provide you with both grid-connect and off-grid design and installation options, or assist with an energy management plan after an install.

When you contact Energy Management Consultancy you will be honestly advised whether solar is right for you, or thoroughly assessed for the appropriate size for your needs conducted from a site visit, and a range of questions to gauge your needs. Only quality, Clean Energy Council approved products with strong warranties that suit your budget will be selected.


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