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Business Overview

Our Vision is to create a thriving and naturally beautiful East Gippsland. For all. Forever.
Founded in 2008, East Gippsland Marketing Inc (EGMI) is the regional marketing body for East Gippsland. It currently employs four part-time employees to manage the marketing needs of the region.
East Gippsland Marketing Inc was established with the intent to:
- Raise the profile of the East Gippsland region to help attract investment, increase visitation and attract skilled workers to our area.
- Help to maintain and improve social and economic outcomes for our community.
- Present a united community position on our regional strengths that in turn helps to attract private and Government investment in our area.
East Gippsland Marketing (EGMI) operates under two broad objectives:
1.Promote the East Gippsland region as a desirable destination to visit, live, work and invest.
2.Increase local awareness of the region and its attributes to encourage residents and stakeholders to act as ambassadors for the region.


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