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Dr Kate Baggaley - Veterinary Services

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Dr Kate Baggaley - Veterinary Services (Name change pending)
Education services including
-Guest speaking/ lecturing: For High Schools, Tafes and Universities
-Fun primary school visits.
-Informative blog and educational networking with other animal industry providers through our website coming soon

Programs for different topics can be developed On request.
Some example topics are:
-Responsible Pet Ownership
-Safety around pets
-Careers: Fostering enthusiasm for Animal Industry Careers In Regional Areas
-What it’s really like to be a veterinarian?
-Real life science - How science is used in animal/veterinary industries
-Unveiling Species Secrets - Comparative Anatomy
-When to call the vet - First Aid for Pets

WE DO NOT OFFER VETERINARY SERVICES TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC - For all your veterinary advice and needs please contact your local Veterinary Clinic