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Cloud Global Logistics was established in 2007 to support exporters and importers with skills gaps in their existing international supply chain operations, or to assist with periodic support in times of transition and need.

Our combined service base of consulting, IT Solutions, broad industry networks, back office resourcing and focus on being ahead of the curve - gives our clients a premium outcome. Our senior management and resourcing team brings 100+ years of broad experience in international supply chain roles from; senior management, international trade consulting, IT solution design, IT Project management, trade compliance, banking compliance, freight markets and more.

Over this journey we have all learned many lessons. One of these key lessons is that in many cases, the support of an experienced external partner that brings together all the required components can often deliver a better outcome than that in which a business can internally themselves.

With a growing focus on CSR, environmental sustainability and limiting the devastating impacts of climate change - Cloud Global Logistics is leading the charge in providing clarity and accuracy in company emissions reporting.

Our client engagement is bespoke, and the solutions are tailored to your specific requirements and needs.


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