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Chris Plumridge Audio

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Business Overview

I'm an audio engineer, audio producer and editor. I've worked as a radio host, made radio ads, done sound for films and TV, worked in PR... but most of all, I like sound!

​I'm not your average sound guy.

Sure, I love getting down and dirty to bust out some pretty flash-sounding audio.

​But I'm more than that.
I reckon audio is more than just two people sitting at microphones. It's about connection, about "theatre of the mind", about taking your listeners on a journey they've never been on before, all while they're stuck at home doing the ironing.

​Over the past 10 years I've been a radio announcer, radio producer, a boom operator for film and TV, a sound recordist, a PR guy, and almost everything in between. Not only do I know what makes good audio, I know what makes good content. I can help make you sound great, from pre-production and scriptwriting right through to mixing, mastering, and delivery. Hit me up and let's talk about how I can help you.


47 372 615 048