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We at Brippalea Holdings have purchased a 12ha Industrial zoned property, located 95 Huffers Lane, Rosedale VIC. We are aspiring to build a Green Energy Sustainable Industrial Estate (Brippalea Estate), with environmental catchment areas for water run-off and community enjoyment.
Within this Eco Industrial Estate we endeavor to build “Cordless Factories” that will run on Solar Power with battery storage. Our goal to become a “Sustainable Eco Industrial Hub” to support growth & lift the local Community.
By attracting industrial based businesses to our Industrial Eco Estate via efficient green energy and centralised location for surrounding farming communities, this will in turn create exponential local employment opportunities within the Gippsland region, by serving and supporting our local agriculture and industrial Communities.
The First Fabpro Factory has been completed, and is the very start of our 35 acre, 29 factory, 5 stage development plan.