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Business Overview

AgriSolutions is your one-stop for natural Soil, Plant (&Animal) Health care. Consulting, training, independent testing, program development, books, equipment and select products available. Recognising traditional practices while applying leading science for validation makes for a rigorous approach to sustainable and regenerative land management. With thorough benchmarking of Nutrients, Physical structure and Key biology - the new NPK - you are sure to methodically embrace at least some aspects of holistic management and become aware of the greater rewards of soil carbon bio-sequestration. Any Soil and Plant Health issues in trees, turf, gardens, agriculture, horticulture (using compost and compost teas as only 2 of the many tools available) are covered. For more information and enquiries, visit http://www.agriculturalsolutions.com.au or contact Gerhard on 0402213736.


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