Education & Training


Business Overview

My name is Robyn Eva and my business, 4evatraining provides training, mentoring and coaching utilising proven activities based on the learnable skills of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and my 30 years of experience across sectors including; local government, education, health, finance and community services in Australia and 7 years in China as Director of a training institute.
My leadership skills have been developed through the diversity of my positions, so I possess a good understanding of HR, Finance, Marketing, IT, Administration and Customer Service.
I offer a range of online or in person training ranging from 1 hour webinars to full day sessions tailored to your specific needs after a no obligation meeting.
I use the activities, curriculum and measuring tools from Six Seconds, Positive Psychology and specifically sourced resources to tailor the training to your needs.
My training is full of energy, authenticity, and interest in supporting the change you require in your organisation.
I would like the opportunity to meet and discuss how my tailored training can transform your workplace into: Great Culture, Engaged Employees, Loyal Customers and Increased Business Value.


18 192 610 616