The Inclusive Employment Continuum

Communications and Content Coordinator - ArcBlue

One of the ways GROW Gippsland supports employers, is through identifying Inclusive Employment tasks that they can participate in, and which help build capacity within their organisation for ongoing inclusive employment practices. There are a number of activities you can participate in to help disadvantaged Victorians gain exposure to work. Want to know more? Visit:

Perfect Pitch

Innovation and entrepreneurship specialist - Startup Gippsland

There’s a lot of misconceptions about pitching. When most people think of pitching, they think of Shark Tank. But pitching is so much more than that and like many aspects of entrepreneur life, it’s a valuable skill that takes time to perfect. So what is pitching and why is it important? Pitching is important as…

Dealing with setbacks, rejections and failures

Innovation and entrepreneurship specialist - Startup Gippsland

Starting and running a business is tough! Not only do you have to deal with setbacks, rejections and failures, but you have to self-motivate when times get tough to keep on going. Everyone has different ways that they self-motivate, so this week we thought we’d share a few that our community of startup founders use:…