Writing Gippsland Business Connect articles as part of your marketing strategy

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If you are a Gippsland business that wants to target Gippsland customers, writing articles for Gippsland Business Connect can be a valuable part of your online marketing strategy.

If you make sure your articles are informative and interesting – and, importantly, not adverts – the benefits of writing articles for Gippsland Business Connect are as follows.

  1. The readership of Gippsland Business Connect are Gippsland businesses and individuals. Readers who find the articles interesting will feel they have been given something for free. They will notice who you are and what you do. This, in the long run, will potentially win you Gippsland customers.
  2. If your articles are about the goods or services you sell, Google (and other search engines) will notice your article, and reveal it to potential Gippsland customers who punch in the key words you have used in your article. This will benefit: 1) Gippsland Business Connect, 2) you/your business, as the article-writer, and 3) your potential clients.
  3. You need to include links in your Gippsland Business Connect article to articles you have written elsewhere (e.g. to articles in your own website blog, LinkedIn profile, or other sites). If you include these links, people can click from your Business Connect article over to the articles in your website or other platforms. These links in your Business Connect article are called ‘backlinks’. If your readers use them, this absolutely increases your Google ranking. Here is an example of a backlink: for more information about this topic, go to:¬†How blogging (and social media) can help your business.
  4. In other articles that you have published on your business blog, or LinkedIn, you should include links that link back to your relevant articles in Gippsland Business Connect, thereby creating backlinks from your other platforms to Business Connect. Again, if your readers use these backlinks, you’ll be bumped up in the Google rankings.
  5. If the goods or services you are selling have any relation to communication – which is true of most if not all businesses – writing articles is a great way to market your business. Any article that you write on Gippsland Business Connect or any other platform is an opportunity for your business to present itself as professional and high-quality. For example, my own business sells writing, editing, typing, self-publishing, reporting services. Every time I publish an article (on any subject) I am showcasing to every reader that I am very good at writing and editing, thereby subtly promoting my business. For other businesses that sell services such as accounting, legal advice, financial advice, training, counselling, investigation, or any other consultancy service: publishing professionally presented articles on Gippsland Business Connect will make a good impression on your readers, and potentially win you new clients.
  6. Only Gippsland businesses are allowed to be registered or publish on Gippsland Business Connect. Therefore, if you publish articles on Gippsland Business Connect, people are more likely to read your articles purely because they know that you really are a local Gippsland business, not a Melbourne or interstate business posing as a ‘local’¬†business (which often happens when you are using search engines to find a business or service in Gippsland).
  7. Finally, publishing articles on Gippsland Business Connect, about your business or about any other subject, with backlinks to your website or other platforms, is free advertising. Take advantage of it.

Case study: my own business, On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading

Publishing articles on Gippsland Business Connect has definitely increased my Google rankings for Gippsland.

These high Google rankings are entirely due to my online article-writing/networking practices (my blog, LinkedIn articles, and Gippsland Business Connect articles) in addition to free Facebook services such as my On Time Typing Gippsland page.

My business comes up in the top 10 rankings for Gippsland for all of my main services (or key words) – and I don’t have any paid advertising, with the exception of Yellow Pages (which is a must for all businesses).

For example, try this: in Google or other search engine, type in ‘Gippsland’ then any of the following: ‘typing,’ ‘writing’, ‘editing’, ‘self-publishing’, or ‘audio typing’. My business is ranked in the top 6 businesses, for each of those key words (and unlike some of the other businesses that come up, my business really is based in Gippsland!)

More information

For more information about how to use writing articles (on any platform, including Gippsland Business Connect) and linking them in with other platforms, as part of your marketing strategy, go to:

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Sally-Anne Watson Kane

Writer, editor, proofreader, owner/operator - On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading

Sally-Anne Watson Kane owns and operates On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading (established as 'On Time Typing' in 2002) and Peewee Press (since 2003). Sally-Anne is a professional editor and full member of Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) Australia, based in Moe, Gippsland.
Our services: typing, scribing, report writing, minute-taking, transcription, copy writing, editing, proofreading, graphic design, and self-publishing.
Sally-Anne manages an Australian-based team of eleven typists, scribes, transcriptionists, writers and editors (all subcontractors) including typists in Gippsland as well as typists, editors and scribes in Melbourne, Central Victoria and interstate.
Sally-Anne is a professional member of Institute of Professional Editors and Editors Victoria, and a full member of Life Stories Australia.
Sally-Anne regularly writes articles about sole trader and small business management, writing and editing, self-publishing, and contemporary issues in Australia, across a variety of platforms.

Sally-Anne has 25 years' experience in:
- editing and proofreading publications, websites, policies and reports.
- audio transcription (dictation, transcripts of interviews, focus groups, investigations, hearings).
- recording, transcribing, compiling and self-publishing oral histories and anthologies.
- writing articles, websites, reports and publications
- scribing and writing selection, procurement and referee reports
- scribing, writing and editing self-published memoirs and life stories
- providing self-publishing services to authors, businesses and organisations from handwritten manuscript through to printed book stage, including: project planning, budget, typing, editing, proofreading, graphic design, printer quotes and liaison. We specialise in producing memoirs and life stories, local histories, and minority voices.

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